Fat Chic is on hiatus

Greetings Fat Chic readers!

Fat Chic is going on hiatus indefinitely. I will, for the time being, leave up the blog so you may search it. I may even on some long weekend change the format to its earlier search-friendly version.

I have always been open that Fat Chic was a topic of passion for me but my career is elsewhere. Then Fat Chic went and almost became a career on me, before I was ready for it. Before I was even mentally prepared to think of myself as a hobbyist blogger. I come from the last of the old-school journalism community and while I adapted to the technology of the switch well enough, I can’t say I’m ever going to be 100% comfortable by the way business drives content – even businesses I genuinely like and recommend.

I am, however, leaving room for possibility on this. Perhaps one of my select, trusted guest posters will become impassioned. Perhaps I’ll get an offer I would genuinely consider.

For now, I leave you with Fat Chic Clothing Search. and best wishes.  While I’ve been far more reticent than most fashion or fatshion bloggers I have truly enjoyed the people I’ve met and the people I’ve helped as the result of starting the blog.

It has taken me a decade to learn and appreciate the wisdom of Diane von Furstenberg: “Women are strong. We can do it all. But not always at the same time.”

Right now, there is another part of my all that must be doing.

Happy new year to all!

Fat Chic Etsy Roundup: a Treasury of Plus

‘Fat Chic Plus Size Favorites’ by magickalrealism

Some of my favorite plus size designs on Etsy; for featuring on my blog, Fat Chic.

Big sale for December plus s…


Long sleeve tunic/ Cotton tu…


Dark Green/Black Color Block…


Fashion Grey Green Long Shir…


Steampunk Military Dress Bla…


JIBRI Printed High Waist Ple…


Wool coat wool Jacket Parkas…


Black Red Skull Cotton Sweat…


The Socialite Tee Shirt & Ta…


Plus Size – CURVY ELLE Lips …




Women’s and Kids Ruffled…


NENA Asymmetrical plus size …


Apricot sweater dress knitwe…


Womens clothing. Winter dres…


Maxi Dress Women Plus Sizes …


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Triggering and/or Cathartic: #fatmicroagressions

For those of you who may not follow Fat Positive bloggers on Twitter, a new hashtag erupted last week. Admittedly co-opted from the #racistmicroaggressions tag, both explore the small, more subtle ways our culture and individuals within it express hatred and animosity towards fat people. From institutionalized abuse in the medical system to insulting “praise” at the gym, plus size men and women of all stripes tweeted their own direct experiences to the tag. You may see a lot of familiar things in this extended call-out … and yes, there were a few trolls.

fiona cosplay

Princess Fiona Costume

fiona from Shrek cosplay


There are not a lot of plus size fictional characters.   No matter what character I am dressing up as  I always strive to make versions of the costume that flatter my figure, often sacrificing accuracy in the process.  But in making this Princess Fiona costume (from the 4th Shrek film, go rent it) I had the delightful experience of making a costume based on a character with a strikingly similar body type to my own. Plus I got to make and carry an axe- always a good time.


The Judgment Reflex

As a certain pop singer once said, “only god can judge ya”. That does not really stop the rest of us from tyring, though. Judging others is seen by many as rude or disrespectful. But have you ever really tried not to? I mean really?

A few years ago I took a class that included mindfulness exercises as part of the class work. One week I was tasked with writing down my judgmental thoughts for a whole week. I filled two pages by the end of the bus ride home from class. While the intent of the class was to stop me from being my own worst enemy by judging myself, I found myself fascinated at how often I judged others.  I don’t consider myself the kind of woman who thinks she’s better than everyone else, but when I really started to pay attention to my thoughts I found that mine were filled with judgement about other people’s behavior, their children, their body odor, etc. I even spent a good day or two wondering if I was some sort of terrible person. Then I decided that since I was not acting on those judgements or giving them a voice, that I would use one of the other techniques I was learning and I let the thoughts go.

How long can you go without judging someone?

It's not about trying to look thin