National Eating Disorder Association Every Body Is Beautiful Auction

The National Eating Disorders Association has teamed up with Spoonfed Art for an online charity auction. There’s already some great stuff up on the site, and the Spoonfed jewelry is truly gorgeous.

love_your_body_tote.jpg redvelsmb.jpg

I also want to encourage supporting this for reasons obvious and not so obvious. Not all plus people have eating disorders, just as not all rail-thin people do. But even so, there are people who end up pressured into trying to conform to a mass-produced body stereotype in either direction. By helping this organization, you really do help yourself whether you have a disorder or not, by helping progressively undo the social condition that has made anorexia, bulimia, and compulsion so rampant.

Besides, it’s a much more fun way to holiday shop than dealing with mall crowds!

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