2008 Metro Style: Summer

MetroStyle, as far as I know, is a newer retailer, one of those that offers clothing up to size 20 but does not distinguish between plus design and smaller design. Given the extreme variety in plus size body shapes, designing for plus is the preferable option, but for women who are somehow “standard” proportioned, just larger, adding extra sizes is a reasonable thing.

Gradient looks were one of the “summer trends” flagged in some of my mainstream fashion magazines last spring/winter, but in plus, I haven’t seen much evidence of it. Here is one of the few exceptions, in a dress that goes up only to size 20. I love color gradients – it’s in many ways much nicer than tie-dye, a way to be colorful without having to endure stoner jokes. I’m keeping my eye peeled for more gradients, with high hopes – because, well…pretty!

I like this dress – it’s fitted around the top and slightly fitted at the waist, but still allow for room, comfort, easy accessorizing and seasonal change.

I’ve always got my eye out for a good pair of trousers – this one isn’t as wide-legged as the usual suspects, but the pinstripe is a business-friendly classic.

Metrostyle seems like a trendy middle-cost clothing line for young urban professionals, and it does have a certain zip that appeals to me. Mostly, they won me over with the pretty dress.

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