Solution: Pockets for your purse

I’ve seen the age-old question about how to keep your purse organized come up a few times lately.  There have been different strategies, the most popular being to use different bags for different items. While this does work to some extent, it’s still not fullproof – I still wind up digging through trying to find where I put things.

So along comes Etsy seller brendasjeans with this solution:

Pockets For Your Purse

Labeled “pockets for your purse” this flexible setup can be inserted in a medium to large soft-sided purse to add structure and make finding stuff so much easier.

One thought on “Solution: Pockets for your purse”

  1. I made myself one of these after seeing it on Oprah last year (could have been this year, no clue). I love it! It was so easy to make and it makes life so much easier. I will say that my mistake was to make it in an all black fabric. The inside of my fave purse is also black so I do get a bit lost searching occasionally, but it’s still a great solution for the diggin’ around in your purse forever problem. Ha!

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