Dressy Fall Stuff

I thought I’d pick a few pieces for some of the dressy events coming up in the next few weeks – things that I thought stood out from the usual offerings in some way.

JS Collections Short Sleeve Flocked Jacket (Plus)

Calvin Klein Ombré Charmeuse Dress (Plus)AK Anne Klein Ombré Pencil Skirt (Plus)

On the one hand, I love a gradient. On the other hand, this one might not quite be figure flattering – it’s one of those must-see-in-real-life type things.

Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Stretch Silk Dress (Plus)

This pick is purely selfish. I know I look great in green, and this type of dress would play up my personal figure advantages while playing down my chubby arms and big belly.

Matty M Beaded Sheer Sleeve Top (Plus)

This blouse has the rare combination of looking comfortable and a little dressy at the same time. It’s the type of thing where you can wear pants and just change to the right shoes in some circumstances to give the outfit a different look depending on what you’re doing.

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