Plus Size Clothing for Children

I’ve been plus-sized for as long as I can remember, and one of the many things about it that caused my mother grief was finding clothing that would fit me. She did sew, and there were a lot of homemade things I wore, but it was with a great deal of relief for both of us when she started taking me to a boutique we discovered specifically for plus sized children.

I am not here to pontificate about any real or perceived “childhood obesity epidemic.” It already sucks to be the fat kid, and that hasn’t changed since I was a child. No fat kid forgets for a second that he or she is fat, and despite the “concern” of certain adults that plus size clothing isĀ  being made for larger children, it doesn’t negate that fat kids have been around since the dawn of public school, and forcing them to run around naked solves nothing.

I have found a few shops – still very few – that offer child-appropriate clothing for plus size children.

Plus Size Kids clothing

Plus size kids sewing patterns:

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