The Wardrobe Checklist

I think we all have different ideas about what a wardrobe should have, at least in the west. Since each one of us has a different sense of style, a different job, differently daily tasks…not to mention completely different body types (that get even more diverse in larger sizes)  I’m always a little entertained at the effort bloggers and magazine writers make to suggest what a good, basic wardrobe should have.

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I think that the Budget Fashionista summed it up best when Kathryn wrote: “Dress for the life you have.” So since I work from home, my wardrobe has become a bit heavier on clothing I can wear while making perfume and going for long walks in good weather; I haven’t so much needed those dress pants – but I do own more dresses for evenings out with my sweetie. If I were still working for corporate, it would be a different story.

Even so, especially with so many of you facing drastic changes in your life these days, a few basics can go a long way when you’re stretching a dollar and your daily life is changing before your eyes. In the spirit of giving you a few guidelines – whether you’re pounding Fat Chic Clothing Search 0r going through thrift shops – I thought you might enjoy the Budget Fashionista’s list and a list from Real Simple magazine. What would you change on them?

Your Wardrobe Checklist – helpful articles

My personal tip? I start with the shoes and build my wardrobe on up. I walk a lot and take mass transit, so stylish, comfortable walking shoes are my holy grail. I also go dancing and shoot pool when I can – and of course, those need to go with my dresses. What are your regular activities, and what do you need to be able to do inside your clothing?

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