Mending Clothes Short Series: Mending a Ripped Seam

This does require basic use of a sewing machine; I’m aware that these aren’t common and they’re getting harder to find used. If you believe it’s worth the investment, your local fabric store will probably have a company to refer you to that deals in used and new sewing machines – expect to drop around $300 for used and anywhere above that for new. (My mother used to work in sewing machine repair and sales – she only dealt in the fancy brands. My teenage rebellion was in successfully NOT learning how to sew…well, not learning to cut a straight line making me dangerous to patterns and fabric everywhere.) Or you can just go to Target and buy a Brother 25 stitch for $80.

2 thoughts on “Mending Clothes Short Series: Mending a Ripped Seam”

  1. You can also join your local FreeCycle group and place an ad requesting a sewing machine. I’ve seen several on my local FreeCycle group, and those people have gotten free machines that people no longer wanted/used.

  2. That’s interesting – when I tried requesting one, I got a private message from someone in my area asking me to tell her if I had any luck, since in Minnesota, people don’t give ‘em up so easily.

    That said, along your line of thought, it’s worth calling schools to see if they have surplus sewing machines available, too.

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