The miracle that can be Twitter

B0U0K Rachel Roy Alex Silk Jersey Dress

I’ve been on Twitter since shortly after  its inception, but only since signing up for Tweetdeck have I come to realize the full potential of the service. For instance, today, when I noticed some plus size bloggers/tweeters sending messages to designer Rachel Roy, asking her to pretty please make a plus size line.

Presumably Rachel herself or someone on her team replied to MariaDenee of the Curvy Fashionista:

“RT @rachel_roy: @MarieDenee I would love to do a plus size line. I just need the requests so please keep them coming. -RR Team”

OK then – her website is flash based, so you need it to go there to send a request. Click on the contact link and then the contact online link - and ask designer Rachel Roy for a plus size line! While you’re at it, see about asking her to use a plus model in the process.