Further Plus Size News for 10/11/10

There’s so much news this week it demanded a second roundup!

South Africa is now seeing more sales in the plus-size fashion niche. Enough that perhaps plus-size should involve more than a “niche” categorization.

Whitney Thompson, winner of America’s Next Top (Plus) Model, speaks out on body image.

There’s a new trend in a rising age of models. This is good, because squinting and saying “She’s 15?” was happening to me way too often. Especially considering the feeling of mild horror that came with the age disclosure.

Tina Knowles is introducing a plus-size clothing line to Wal-Mart. While billed at plus-size, the line stops at size 20.

A fatosphere must-read: Two Piece Swimsuit, Two Middle Fingers.

From Christina Kelly at Fallen Princess, Fat Talk Free Week begins next Monday – October 18th. Undecided as to whether this means Fat Chic shall fall silent that day.

Christina Hendricks graces the cover of UK’s Harper’s Bazaar.

From the US Surgeon General, probably the real breaking news here:

One thought on “Further Plus Size News for 10/11/10”

  1. It’s interesting that the article about the Tina Knowles line quotes her: “Whether you’re a size 2 or a 22, you deserve good fashion,” but the line only goes up to 20.

    33 pieces are up on the Walmart site now, but I’m underwhelmed. Looking forward to a decently fitted black dress, though.

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