Introducing… Plus Size Portland, the series!

As mentioned last month, I spent a few days exploring Portland. While there I discovered a treasure trove for plus-size women: consignment stores, indie designers, Ross – and now, I at last get to share that with all of you. In a city filled to the brim with punk sensibility and independent spirit, I found so much more than the occasional flash of Voodoo Doughnut or Powell’s could convey in a stock shot on Life Unexpected. From roses to punk rock, Portland has everything a plus-size woman could want…and the pizza wasn’t too bad, either.

Above is a slide show of some of my stops on the Portland trip (thank you Flickr.) Over the course of the week, I have the pleasure of sharing videos with you of a collection of great shop-owners and designers located in Portland, Oregon. I came home with quite the bundle of new clothing, and I will be sharing shots of the goodies I collected with you as I go.

The stores I visited include:
SavvyPlus (Consginment)
Fat Fancy (Consignment and Vintage)
Curvy Girl Clothing (Designer and Apparel Maker)
Size Queen Clothing (Designer and Artist)
Sock Dreams

I only had a week to spend there, and that was not enough, although fortunate for my wallet.

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