Catalog Project: plus size conservative apparel

Plus Size Casual Clothing

Abi and Lois
Opened 2011, private boutique.

Absolute Woman
Formal pant suits, skirt suits and jackets in sizing up to 26.

Casual, longer jackets, skirts and thicker fabrics. Sizes up to 3x/48 inch waist.

High style but conservative (and has caftans), sizes up to 3x/44 inch waist.

Astarte Woman
Lots of drape styles/loose cuts. Sizes up to 4x/30-32. Waist up to 55.”

Clothing designed for retirees/comfort. Sizing up to 3x; can’t locate size chart at this time. Unfortunate source of kitten prints, but great for affordable basics like tank tops and camis.

Bon Worth
Sizes up to 3x – very limited selection for plus size.

Office casual clothing, longer cuts. Sizes up to 5x/36W – 55″ waist.

Comfort in Fashion
Comfortable plus size clothing for older women.

Unique styles, drapes and longer looks. Sizing up to 5x, 30/32 62″ waist.

Distinctions Plus
Multi-brand boutique that carries Eileen Fisher and other designers. Sizing up to 4x/26-28 waist up to 45.”

Draper’s and Damon’s
General department store with conservative women’s line. Sizes up to 3x/28W with waist up to 48.”

Eddie Bauer
High quality, conservative clothing. Company manages to offer decent plus size basics while conveying shame at selling to plus size customers. Sizes up to 3x 24/26, 45″ waist.

Fifty Plus
UK retailer offering plus-size clothing for women over 50.

Fit Rite Fashions
This may be where you go if you plan to attend the Kentucky Derby. Clothing up to size 26/46″ waist.

Generous Fashions
Casual clothing, wider cuts, longer sleeves. Sizing up to 38/40.

Department store with plus size section. Sizing up to 3x.

Harper Greer
San Francisco based boutique with clothing sizes up to 3x/58″ waist.

Department store that carries high-end brands, part of Carson’s company. Runs up to size 24.

The Hub
Tailored clothing that runs up to a US size 24.

JC Penney
Increasing mix of juniors and women’s styles, ranges up to size 24, varies dramatically by brand and store.

Conservative, often free-flow clothing. Has mall stores, but keeps all plus-sizes online only.

Kathleen Sommers
Conservative cuts from an individual designer, runs from XS to 3x.

Land’s End
High quality clothing, often designed to last rough winters. Plus size section runs up to 3x/24-26.

LL Bean
Sizes up to 3x/24-26; also designed for winter and heavy duty. Lots of brand loyalists.

Lord and Taylor
Plus sizes that can go up to 26/28 but usually stops at 22/24.

Ms. Read
Longer tops, sizes up to a US 22.

Nygard (Canada)
Multi-brand that also serves USA, with sizing running up to 24W.

Peggy Lutz
Couture end designs with sizes running up to 34/36.

Pendleton Woolen Mills
High end pure wool items, plus size runs up to size 24.

Plus by Design (Vicki Vi)
Drapes and conservative covering looks up to 4x.

Ralph Lauren
Classic cuts up to size 22.

Women’s sizing up to a size 24.

The Tog Shop
Plus size casual conservative options up to size 24.

Vermont Country Store
Casual plus size options up to size 26/28.

Ulla Popken
Sizes run from 12W to 38W.

Willow Ridge
Lots of basics and layering pieces, runs up to size 28.

Women’s Suits
Sunday suits and hats that run up to size 34.

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