Plus Size Find: Pinup Girl Clothing

Plus Size Find: Pinup Girl Dress

Maybe it’s Mad Men. Maybe it’s Rockabilly. Maybe it’s the resurgence of the burlesque movement.  Pinup looks never really died – and now they’re one of the most fun fashion options for plus size women. PinUpGirl clothing runs a range of looks that run up to 2x, give or take – and if you’re dedicated, patient, and really love a dress they can give you a wait list.

Note: if you’ve done business with them, definitely report any experience you’ve had. We’ve already had one person speak up. Anyone else have an experience with this retailer?

4 thoughts on “Plus Size Find: Pinup Girl Clothing”

  1. Buyer beware with They overcharge for incredibly cheap fabrics, the sizing on the website is inaccurate and they have pretty draconian return policies.

  2. I personally LURVE PUG! I have several of the pencil skirts in bengaline fabric and they fit me like a dream. I have purchased shoes as well and those fit me fine and are amazing. For these styles I don’t mind paying a bit more. Its almost impossible to find vintage style clothing in plus sizes. I have found the shipping to be super quick and am extremely happy with the email wait list process.

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