Plus Size News Roundup 6/6/11


  • The big news is the 3 “plus size” models on the Vogue Italia cover. Gorgeous, they are. Representative of plus size women – or even women in the average (not fat) range of sizes 12-14, they aren’t.
  • There’s also a wedding announcement for plus size model Elisa D’Ospina floating around. Weddings bore me, especially those of strangers.
  • I’m starting to think that Christina Hendricks is to the UK what Jerry Lewis and Daria are to France.
  • An update of the Greek tale Lysistrata, Lysistrata Jones, features a one-woman Greek chorus in the form of a fabulous plus size actress.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald examines the changing views on body size among models.
  • Wal-Mart, in an attempt to regain profits, is putting plus size clothing back on the shelves. Evidently they took a bunch off for awhile there. What has been there is the new, improved JMS line. I’m repeatedly pleasantly surprised at how good it’s been. This “putting it back” may signal the return of familiar Wal-Mart brands like Faded Glory.
  • Ulla Popken’s Facebook page has transformed into a retail outlet for them.
  • UK’s News of the World has a writeup – and nude pic  (SFW)  – of plus size model Robin Lawley.
  • There’s a new trend toward clothing for plus size children. Despite the complexes fat kids give their parents – and I know this from being one of those fat kids – it’s preferable to forcing them to run around naked. I’m also going to put this out there: while adults may or may not be fat due to personal choice, this is absolutely not true of a child, ever. So if you’re shaming your under 18 kid for being fat- 1)STOP. That’s abusive parenting, and for something over which the child has no control. 2)You’re creating an eating disorder when, by being supportive you could just ride out the metabolic blip or you know, love the child you’ve been given and 3)Even the FDA says that fat-shaming does nothing to make kids thinner, and in fact often makes what might be a temporary problem permanent. You’ve been loaned a child to raise until adulthood. Try to keep your personal crazy off the kid. If you’re Meme Roth, get treatment.
  • California-based designer Jill Alexander will be showing her plus size styles in New York.
  • Edinburgh College of Art has brought in plus size mannequins for their students to work from. This… now this will result in real fashion progress.

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