Plus Size News Roundup 07/11/2011

  • Nicola Formichetti has publicly protested W’s quotes suggesting he won’t work with fat people. Either he has a decent mother, or he means it. Maybe both. Also, when it comes to W, I think even most of the fashion-sphere is just kinda “f-it.” Every copy I’ve read has had something fat-phobic/outright hateful in it for anyone above a size 4, and in an issue released about the time another batch of anorexic models died, there was some language about “shoving plus sizes down our throats.” I just don’t respect W enough to care. Since their content is also basically repeated verbatim with some irrelevant and really boring socialite crap in between layouts in Vogue, you may start to understand why I view Vogue Italia with suspicion. So Nicola, it’s OK – we’ll watch what you act and what you say and hold you to that, not what the faux-leaders in fashion say you said. Wanna work with a size 28? I’m game! ;)
  • NSFW: Velvet D’amour comments accurately that high fashion magazine will make actual progress when they show plus-size models clothed. She’s got a major point, there – especially since a lot of what I have seen smacks of fetishization, defined as “being attracted by the sense of shame.” Shame should not be combined with larger bodies any more than it already is, and there’s a point where nudity does drop from celebration to shame. She also indicates that fashion needs to come back from NeverNeverLand because they’re really behind on what’s going on with women of size.
  • Designer Julien Macdonald, now in a reversal of his widely publicized opinion wants to see “more” plus-size models. Right. He just wants to stay in business. Although I do have to wonder… how much hate mail did he get?
  • Marilyn Monroe was not, in any way, plus size. The final word is out based on the auction of some of her original costumes.
  • Fox news “investigates” whether the media obsession with Christina Hendricks’ body is overkill. *shrug* She’s hot. But her body isn’t groundbreaking.
  • A plus size man from Ireland recently quit a modeling competition/search because of abusive behavior including someone issuing a threat. What on earth did the person issuing the thread think s/he was defending??? Being offended is never enough a reason to bully someone. If he was in some way infringing on this person’s sense of safety, then there might be an issue, and in this case, there’s just no way that happened.
  • The Daily Mail runs an interview with Jennifer Hudson.
  • Starshine Rochelle talks about how controversial the Vogue Italia cover is… to some. ” ‘They’re not healthy looking to me,” confessed a slim young woman I know. ‘They don’t look like they could run very far or jump very high.’ “  OK, that’s it. If anyone knows any plus-size athletes above 150 lbs/a size 12, please contact me for an interview. I know there are some professional basketball and American football players that can damn well do both – and at a larger size. Oh, and roller derby women – I will always, ALWAYS want you. Any sport, really.
  • Screen Junkies wonders if plus-size models will start appearing in Hollywood films. While the “dialogue” is mostly men saying “I want to have sex with it/I don’t want to have sex with it” (ugh, now if only more thought about women as people, or at least as fun from the waist up) there is something that the writers have overlooked: plus size women, and yes, some models, have been in Hollywood for decades. The popular term for these beings – otherwise known as professionals – is “character actor.” Steve Buscemi and Melissa McCarthy both used to be one.

Business of Plus

  • German Group Gerry Weber, producers of plus size outfit Samoon, are noted as up and coming retailers in the world market by Fashion United.
  • Lingerie carriers Eveden Group have driven plus-size business in the US and abroad, and are now bringing their focus to the UK.
  • In similar news, UK retailer N Brown has shown some profit and growth with its focus on the plus-size market.
  • Littlewoods EU has launched its autumn fashion line.
  • 3 plus-size stores are closing in Orange County, California. “The plus-size women’s clothing niche as a whole has also been experiencing declining sales.” Only for the most-recognized brands. The plus-size market has diversified wildly, because it’s not really a niche and never should have been treated as one – it’s an overall market reality. Now finding the niches within plus-size, that’s another story.  For example, fat hippy vegans exist, and they’d love to try out some of the new hemp fabrics, too. That’s just one of many markets out there. I also get the distinct impression that no matter how large the garment, someone will buy it. I’m not finding that many 28s on the clearance racks, and I’ve been digging.
  • Over in D.C., BeautyFull Boutique has opened its doors for plus-size women. They even have size 11 shoes. The Curvy Closet in Ohio is also getting some love.
  • B. Lane, the corporation behind Fashion to Figure, has raised $2 millionfor business expansion.
  • Deb Shops recently filed for bankruptcy.
  • Models1 has added plus-size models to its …is menu the right word?




2 thoughts on “Plus Size News Roundup 07/11/2011”

  1. I guess the slim young woman missed the piece on how fat people didn’t think she would be able to stand up in a strong wind. I know, that kind of attitude doesn’t solve anything but it makes me mad. When was jumping and running a sign of health? I’ve known skinny people who couldn’t run a block without almost dying.

    And what is the point of threatening a plus size man in a competition? As you say, he wasn’t endangering anyone. There is no worthy excuse!

    Hollywood really has become too beautified and I think it is a disservice to Hollywood and to viewers. We have been watching some older films lately and numerous times we’ve said, there is no way that actor would be cast in the lead today, ie. Kevin Bacon in Footloose, regardless of how talented they are.

  2. I am always amazed at all the things thin people want to say heavy people can’t do. Health studies have shown over the years that active heavy people are generally healthier than lazy thin people! And the fashion industry at this point just needs to get a grip. I am a fat girl, and and attractive one at that. I deserve to look nice and not like someone’s granny! Great roundup!

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