Plus Size News Roundup 9-12-2011


this is promoting plus-size lingerie, yet I think I see a rib


Happy September everyone! I’m bringing you an extra-full plus-size news roundup today, because I will be in Paris/recovering from Paris for the rest of the month. While I’m off walking everywhere, you go on and  continue to love what you love!

  • Daily Venus Diva has launched the Diva in Need Project. This is … just amazing. I’m thrilled to see projects like this taking off, and using the growing power of our voices to take part in the grand project that is living in this world.
  • ToyxPlosion ran an interview with Miss Piggy. Not kidding.

“What made you agree to star in Disney’s “The Muppets?”

“It was written especially for moi. And they said I could keep all the shoes.”

  • Become Gorgeous talks about the advent of plus-size models. While it is true that the Brits are often quite fashion forward  with indie fashion, they do not get to claim the credit for being first among the plus-sized indies. Like jazz, hoodoo and a democratic republic, that one goes to the Colonies. As does denim, although the UK does that way better.
  • It looks like we have our first plus-size design ripoff scandal. If anyone involved wishes to make public comment, I’d be happy to consider it for publishing here.
  • Metro World London interviews Franca Sozzanni, a woman key in bringing forward more variety in what – and who – we see in fashion. She says of her work with Vogue Curvy and the women within it: “It’s not a ghetto. Let’s remember that these women are happy with their bodies. For me, this was the main lesson. It’s a very strong statement to see these women who see themselves as sexy. It makes you realize that there isn’t anything wrong with them. There’s something wrong in our minds.”   While I’m still no fan of the Vogue brand, I want to hug Sozzanni’s brain.
  • The New Age New Zealand has an interview with Carly Ritz, one of the women behind the All Walks Beyond the Catwalk campaign.
  • American Apparel has launched a plus-sized model search. By that, they mean a size 2. They’re only pretending they sell plus-sized clothing, after all. Nancy Upton had by far the best response to their hateful, let’s-hit-your-self-esteem-hard  “model call.”
  • New American Media has coverage on the campaign Healthy Is the New Skinny.
  • Australia now boasts a Positive Body Image awards. This focuses on a code of conduct for media by rewarding those that have one.
  • Apparently some fur protesters in Australia were yelled at not for disrupting the show, but for being fat. This tells me two things: first, the obvious: some people in fashion are morons. If they were not morons, they would have a better go-to insult than “fat” which is in fact a descriptor, but not the character judgment they think it is. The less obvious: the fur protestors have never had to interact with an actual mink. While I do not wear fur, I have met minks and think the little bastards very much deserve to be coats.
  • East African Daily Monitor has a series of interviews with plus-sized women about their style.
  • Victoria Beckham’s personal style preferences and designs are recommended to plus-size women. You know how if you spend time around Liliputians and kindergarteners, everyone starts to look big to you?
  • Kjerstin Gruys, blogger behind Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall, talks to Huffington Post about “fat talk” and female domination behaviors. Good – somebody else noticed!
  • Australian publication Crikey calls out Myer, the company re-releasing its Big is Beautiful line, for its poor treatment of “contestants” for its modeling competition.
  • 13 year old Savannah Corn is speaking out against bullying – good! When I was in school, it was possibly the most taboo of all topics because it was so incredibly prevalent. If I had a written apology for every incident I had to deal with, I could run a recycling mill. (I’ve never received so much as a verbal. I don’t expect to, either.)
  • South Africa has a new magazine for plus women, called Curvy.



Also advert for plus size lingerie. Not plus size off catwalk, but no visible ribs.


Business of Plus

  • Torrid/Hot Topic is reporting a net loss for last quarter.
  • Cato Fashions, a store with plus-size offerings but limited web presence, looks to be faring well in the markets.
  • Charming Shoppes is reporting improvement based on “disciplined inventory management.” Fashion Bug stores are continuing to close. On September 9th, Charming Shoppes traded at a 52 week low. (Just that time of year?)
  • Lingerie brand Curvy Kate has expanded to Finland, Denmark and Sweden.
  • Brylane Home has expanded its plus-size living collection.
  • Hong Kong based Udreamy Network has released a bridal website that includes plus-sizes.
  • Itty Bitty Bra Co. has introduced a new bra for plus size women called Flatter Me. I really hope the product is good, because the play on words there makes me cringe.
  • Wall Street Journal has an article focusing on the rising plus-size market.


  • Even Russia covered the plus-size fashion show in Sydney. It even reached India, with some in-depth reporting.
  • Fashion news Netherland has a brief comment on the the same show at Sydney and the spring fashion lines for that other hemisphere.
  • Brazilian company Lingerie Juraia is releasing a plus-size lingerie line. (Although the model in the ad – I think I can see ribs.)

I’m hoping this will hold you for a week or two, as I have adventures to go have!

2 thoughts on “Plus Size News Roundup 9-12-2011”

  1. Hello,

    Juruaia is a city where the main income comes from the manufacture of lingerie, and not the brand name. The poster of your blog refers to the event in general, not only plus size lingerie.
    I have nothing to do with the brands, I’m from Brazil, but not even live in Juruaia, I liked just to clarify.
    Some of the brands that will launch their collections plus size are: OuseUse, Lissa Lingerie, Pimenta Doce, among others.

    I follow your blog and love.

    Note: I’m sorry if I wrote something not right, I’m not very good with English.

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