Plus Size News Roundup 12/6/2011


  • The Gloss picked up on Melissa McCarthy’s appearance on Anderson Cooper. The site also boasts about 10,000 videos of her being awesome, and in public.
  • Sue Thomason looks closely at the recent change from “plus and proud” to “thin and ashamed” British celebrities Dawn French and Nigella Lawson. “Plus size and proud women are at the forefront of a revolution, fighting against the pressure to be thin, using positive discrimination in the form of plus size promotion and positive body image. Positive discrimination is used to speed up the process of equality when there is mass oppression and it’s a tool used in civil rights situations – which is what this is. The media would have it that women no longer live under mass oppression, but today we’re as controlled as we’ve ever been.”
  • Dita von Tees’s upcoming capsule collection will include plus sizes. But how high?
  • Leading earner among plus-size models Emme has moved on to new projects.
  • An interview with Si Belle may inspire the aspiring plus-size boutique owner.
  • If you get a chance to declutter this month, remember that there are many projects that actively need plus-size clothing, diapers, and personal products.
  • A Wichita burlesque act hosts performers in sizes raging from 0-24.
  • A new coatmaker is hoping to create coats based on shape rather than size.
  • This piece on Alga Fashion falls into some appalling and flagrantly ignorant and unresearched commentary on how the plus-size clothier promotes an “unhealthy lifestyle.” I believe you’d better do more than just Google and run a search on CNN that actually connects plus size people not being forced to run nude to suddenly deciding to go obese, especially in countries that will put men and woman alike in prison for that sort of thing.  Research revelation 1)Shaming does not make people instantly thin. In fact, it is not helpful in weight loss AT ALL.  Just check the recidivism on those poor souls that go on the Biggest Loser.  Research revelation 2)It’s not any woman’s job in the world to look like someone you want to f***,  you entitled piece of moldy mushroom and 3)There is no link between allowing plus-size people to wear clothing in public and them using it as an excuse to eat their body weight in whatever.
  • On the other hand, a Formby Times writeup of Isme ladies fashion states “there is no such thing as a perfect figure.”
  • 1)To the African writer – do you really want the colonialists to come off better than you do? REALLY?
  • 2)Why in the hell are women’s bodies a moral issue? Why in the hell are WOMEN a moral issue? This should be strictly about our actions in terms of how we treat other people. There is no single road to getting fat and that means that making body size a moral issue is a choice to take on an abusive attitude towards women and men equally. It could be overeating, depression, thyroid, a joke from your selected deity. Unless you KNOW that the person got him/herself fat through a complicated process of killing babies while aiming for the largest carbon footprint possible, you do not have the information necessary to pass judgment.
  • I’m tired of being kept prisoner by the expectations of people who have never done a damn thing for me and who have no intention of doing anything that improves my life by giving me real piece of mind. How about you, ladies and gentlemen? So how about we stand up and start with, “By the way, women are PEOPLE. Even the big ones! Even the little ones! Even that one over there gnawing on that dude’s leg!” Don’t give me that crap about certain religions “elevating” women. A prison in a mountain is just as much of a prison as is one in a basement.  We live in these bodies, we have every reason in the world to handle them according to the truth of our own conscience – and not according to YOUR conscience.

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