Plus Size News Roundup 1/16/2012

photographer Eve Arnold - from the Economist


  • The Economist has a fabulous article about photographer Eve Arnold. Why is she fascinating to us? She shot Marilyn Monroe, dared photograph Havana and she did it all without Photoshop. What she saw is what we got.
  • PLUS Model Magazine got some massive buzz for their plus and straight model nude layout and article Plus Size Bodies: What is Wrong with them Anyway?
  • Georgia has a “fight child obesity” campaign running that, if it has any impact at all, makes problems immediately worse for the very children they’re trying to help. I’m guessing what the kids on those billboards are going to do to their parents as soon as they’re old enough to file a lawsuit, too. Remember: fat shaming doesn’t work, and is not going to do a thing to incur weight loss in another human being!
  • Adelaide has an article on the way the plus-size market is revolutionizing the fashion industry, with discussions not just of style, but of teen fashion, body image issues and vanity sizing.
  • Kaela Humphries, now best known for her famously-divorced brother, is appearing in reality show “Remodeled.” Reader beware: this is sourced from the New York Post, where the journalism style merits a public health warning.



If you’d like a bit more satirein your day, watch this:

One thought on “Plus Size News Roundup 1/16/2012”

  1. One of the things I miss is the artistic photographers, the ones who really loved taking pictures and didn’t rely on the after effects.

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