Plus Size News Roundup 2/13/2012



  • New York fashion week is happening right now.  Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu and Cynthia Rowley will all be offering some designs for plus sizes.
  • Lingerie producer Bare Necessities will show up in September fashion week with their own show. They launched the official line Bare Plus this week.
  • The Economist explores the changing face of models – including the plus size models – in anticipation of London’s fashion week on February 17th.
  • Models themselves are advocating a bill of rights to ensure they’re treated more as human beings and less as self-mobilized clothing hangers. Nonconsensual nude photos from unregulated backstage photography is NEVER an acceptable “workplace hazard.”
  • Karl Lagerfield felt the utterly predictable need to qualify his comments about Adele’s talents because her body size, to his mind, made her talent of lesser value. Of course, now he sees it’s just a big misunderstanding – that misunderstanding being that readers understood him perfectly well, and he got called on his bullshit. Adele reportedly doesn’t care and is proud of her body – but given that she’s recovering from vocal chord surgery, she may consider Lagerfield far less than a priority. (He seriously used “but she has such a pretty face. SERIOUSLY. He’s more outdated in his thinking than generations of dead grandfathers.)


“Beth Ditto is fascinating by the way she moves and assumes her body. She represents freedom. She comes from a small town in the U.S., is voluptuous and openly gay. She is very sexy. I have used a lot of plus-size models in my show. They are part of the society, so why not of the fashion world?”


Business of Plus


  • Healthcare professionals advise women to exercise more often than they do men. Notably the article does not delve into a)whether women are in fact less active than men1 and b)why the people that are not exercising don’t.
  • In an obesity-related problem I actually believe, research of 2600 patients found that those of us with higher BMIs ARE more likely to experience back pain and damaged disks. This is preventable with regular exercise. I’ve been fortunate in that I have only experienced back pain when using desk chairs that do not work for my back – regular exercise, including hip stretching and walking, does offset those issues. Taking very basic Pilates (no reformer)  has helped me a great deal with that.
  • People with heart problems that were overweight benefitted from exercise just as much as their thinner counterparts. More evidence that while exercise may not necessarily make you thin, it goes a long way in making you healthy.
  • A study of women showed that when eating together with someone they didn’t know, the women tended to eat -or overeat-the same amount. I experienced this in college, when friends – even male and female mixed groups – would linger at the cafeteria table; we all tended to eat more when we stayed in the dining hall. Socialization is a major factor in eating behavior. In an interesting study also out this week, people who feel more pressure to please others often end up overeating, even when they don’t want to. This group will of course mostly be women, because society has centuries of excuses for punishing women who refuse to make themselves pleasing.
  • Smaller plates do not actually help you eat less. So the conclusion of the study is “we’re fat, not stupid,” once again.
  • A study of 3100 adults revealed that the fat people that exercised/maintained fitness routines in fact did not die of being fat. Article also has the incorrect adage that the weight doesn’t fly off fat people because they are “hungrier and start eating more.” *facepalm* Nope, that’s not a universal experience. It’s just the simple situation of having larger bodies, and not all bodies burn calories at the same weight – just as not all immune systems react the same way to stimuli.


  • Plus model Bini Jessica wears bikinis – never bathing suits. Could a Brazilian speaker explain what “GG” means in this context?
  • Spanish publication La Gaceta talks about the way Spanish plus size consumers are marginalized by fashion.
    • “It’s not just that being chubby is not entitled to look good. Some businesses lie to us. They show an extra large, but are not actual sizes,” he adds. (Very rough translation.) It also looks at the issues of women who are not fat, but simply of larger frame – women who are taller, who have larger bust sizes, or who have just a larger skeletal structure.”
  • Actress Solange Couto will be the face of plus size fashion weekend in Brazil.
  • Adele’s latest Vogue cover has been called out by Brazilian publication Virgula for abuse of Photoshop.

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  1. I certainly see more women than men at the gym I frequent. I acknowledge that my anecdotal data is no match for empirical data. []

3 thoughts on “Plus Size News Roundup 2/13/2012”

  1. GG is the same as extralarge (large is “grande” in portuguese, or G when talking about the size of clothes). In this context,  a GG model is in fact a plus size model (GG -> 2 times large).

    clothe’s size here are XP (extra small), P (where P is “pequeno”or small), M (medium ->  “médio”), G (large or “grande”) and GG (extra large). 

    As a side note, clothes that are GG are not that big, and not all clothes have this size available.

  2. Nothing goes above GG at regular stores. We do find few stores that have bigger sizes, but it’s usually another line (as department stores always care a variety of lines) and they have their own P, M, G, GG (same letters but a bit bigger).

    Another option is the “number sizing”. I can find some tops that are “48, 50, 52, 54″ (the same as jeans for example).

    I hope it helps. :)

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