Plus Size News Roundup 2/27/2012

Octavia Spencer, via the Daily Beast


  • The Daily Beast has discovered Octavia Spencer. Can someone write something REALLY REALLY GOOD for her to play, right now, please? Break a little ground while you’re at it. I’ll play along.
  • Thanks to the Oscars, Melissa McCarthy and Spencer are all over the fashion blogs. Oh, and Miss Piggy wore Zac Posen.
  • Media is referring to larger mannequins as Adele-sized mannequins. That’s … a little weird. There is, however, a demand for larger/more reasonably shaped mannequins.
  • Nextgen Journal talks about how eating disorders qualify as illness, NOT as lifestyle choices.
  • I share this with great hesitation – there is a BBW fanfest slated for July 13-15 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas. BBW has become an unfortunate shorthand for the fetishization/sexual dehumanization of fat women. (My theoretical test: how much do you see her FACE in those movies? When you do, how often is her expression appropriate to the situation?)
  • Someone needs to remind Howard Stern that it is NOT Christina Aguilera’s job to look like someone he wants to f***.  He brings enough porn stars on his show that he should know the difference between women who do have that obligation and women who don’t.
  • The Red Alert Youth Beauty Campaign addresses the actual damage over-emphasizing thin bodies is doing.

Super Local

  • Review of Oakland, California vintage clothing store Halmoni – and yes, it has a plus-size section.

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