Plus Size News Roundup 3/05/2012


If you feel the need to strip a woman and pose her like a corpse, you shouldn’t be around women in general.


  • Some very sane and grounding commentary about the reactions to Adele’s body type, rather than to her talent.
  • Portraits of female body builders interests me, especially since an upcoming Plus Awesome! is about a female body builder in the UK. I focus often on fat women like myself on this blog, but it’s not just fat people that are plus sized. This serves as a good reminder.
  • In a frustrating move for already limited Canadian shoppers, Sears will be closing 3 stores.
  • I’ve seen a few places claiming more plus size women are choosing to shop for clothing online. At least one source is highly suspect as it’s research funded by an online retailer. However, since social media is entrenched in our culture, it may well have changed shopping behaviors –  but I have my doubts as to how much as of right now. I can see where the Ipad will change blogging for the better just by reducing content creators as those who would rather be passive become so, but as to shopping?
  • More on Jill Alexander.
  • Emme has a short profile in Shape magazine.
  • Madeline Jones of Plus Magazine says she was misquoted in her comments about Crystal Renn.  I feel like this should get more commentary from me, and I’ve been cooking something for over a year – the short of it is that I think we place way too much importance on plus models, most of whom are average and not plus sized or fat, and that this is all a big distraction from our still very limited choices in clothing unless we happen to have great sewing skills. (I do not.) I’m not sure how the interview was done, but I’ve been known to also film face to face interviews myself just to ensure quote checking on both sides is done properly.
  • First obesity was a socially transmitted illness, now anorexia is. Cited culprits are fashion, both in magazines and television, parents, and generally the whole of the west having so much prosperity it’s imploding. I don’t think either condition is “catching” but I think that enormous social pressures, especially on women, make having eating disorders an unfortunately common byproduct of our culture because so many of us can’t fathom the idea of letting a person just “turn out,” on his or her own terms; it results in sending screwed up messages about food, appearance, dress, and worst of all – way too many mothers think the only way their daughters will strive is if they feel like they will never, ever be good enough. And why the fuck do they NEED to “strive?” Why the fuck isn’t being a decent human being with passions , interests and love enough? There’s no prize at the end; male attention doesn’t generally fill a bank account, and nobody in their right mind wants a diamond when they find out how much human misery goes into getting them (Google it. You’ll cry.), so that rules out Marilyn’s advice after we lose our charms.
  • The National of Ireland poses the question: Curvy, changing fashion or fad? And I ask, “Are you from the past?” But I only ask that of the headline writer. The article itself is fine.

  • Courtney Washington is a Jamaican-born NYC designer who has among his first clients plus-size women. Also, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.
  • For your plus-positive bookshelves: Enlarged Hearts, a series of short stories revolving around a fictional plus size fashion boutique.
  • Australian Minister of School Education, Early Childhood and Youth  Peter Garrett* is, according to the Helen Razer of the Sydney Morning Herald, is a “victim of the faux feminist body image cult.” To me, she says nothing new or interesting, but it’s amusing to hear the faux-insight of a faux-provocateur in the print version of an Aussie accent. How DARE he try to make life less difficult for girls? *for Midnight Oil fans, it’s THAT Peter Garrett.
  • Not one mainstream fashion show for Fall 2012 featured a plus-size model. There are at least two magazines that literally index them for you, so not being able to find any is not going to fly.
  • Greek designer Mary Katrantzou is looking at adding a plus-size line. But she thinks going over a size 16 is “too expensive.” Bad: that’s hard to believe if she advertised properly. Good: points to her probably not using sweatshops.Mary admitted they haven’t branched out into larger sizes before because there has been no demand for it.…are you kidding me? There’s demand – but you need to find the courage to tell people you’ve got it for them. Thanks to vanity sizing and an arbitrary reclassification of BMI charts, 67% of the population is a plus size. Surely you’ve got a market in there somewhere.

Knock that Shit Off

  • Yet another model wants to do away with the term “plus-size” and thus re-marginalize the millions of women she represents that she looks nothing like. Knock that shit off #1 for the day. She may not like the niche it place her in, but to date plus size is the ONLY term that covers the fat and NON-fat of non status-symbol sizing.
  • Apparently, the plan is to force us plus sizes to run naked. That’s all I can figure out from all these nude plus model shots of a very average/not plus size 12s around here. Are non-skeletal bodies THAT novel in the West? Really? You really CAN’T find a retailer that will send you a clothing sample that actually fits? You really don’t have the courage to send the tiny samples back and ask for proper ones? Also, I’m even starting to see the borderline “you’re a corpse!” poses from straight fashion that invokes my ire. Knock that shit off. If you need help, picture finding your mother or boyfriend in that pose when you come home unexpectedly. Then really – KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF.

 Business of Plus

  • Cato Fashions had a 3% sales drop in the last year. Suggestion 1: GET ECOMMERCE. The closest Cato fashions to me is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – not really populated enough for a significant sales boost. Suggestion 2: Buy Fashion Bug. DOTS, you might want to consider 1 and 2 as well.
  • Christopher and Banks and CJ Banks has consolidated into one store in Cincinnati. No idea what, if anything, that means nationwide.


  • The Times of India parallels Karl Lagerfield’s stupid remarks about Adele (I hear he doesn’t eat, obviously impacted his IQ) with pressures placed on female entertainers in India.
  • It’s a rough read in the English translation, but there’s a fascinating piece on the Hungarian dependence on mail order for decent clothing. I know that there are some countries in Eastern Europe with highly unreliable mail service, so doing this must take factoring in a “risk” cost of never getting what you order. (We complain in the US, but compared to things I hear and interactions I’ve had posting things, our own mail service is still among the most reliable, albeit not 100%.)
  • There’s yet another call for models for a curvy women’s calendar in Germany.

3 thoughts on “Plus Size News Roundup 3/05/2012”

  1. I love, love, love your weekly roundups.

    >>I’ve seen a few places claiming more plus size women are choosing to shop for clothing online.<<

    Ummm… I "chose" to shop online for clothing because few retailers carry plus-size clothing in their brick and mortar stores.

    In my area (a major metropolitan city), I have Nordstrom, the Avenue, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Macy's. J Jill *might* have a piece or two in stock. I've heard Coldwater Creek occasionally has plus-sizes in store. My in-store options – especially when I weed out the matronly, the overpriced, and the "just not my style" – are pretty limited.  So, yeah, I "choose" to go online to shop.

  2. For the most part I choose to shop online. I find it more convenient — I can do it during the day or at 3 am. I so don’t feel the pressure of an associate standing ten feet away watching me. And I have more selection to work with. That is not to say if I came across a strip mall that featured all plus size stores that I would not take full advantage of going into each and everyone of them. Someone needs to do that — build strip malls that bring a bunch of plus size brands to one spot. 

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