A few problems with Google custom search

For those of you who try using Google custom search, you may be sharing in my frustration. The system has never been perfect, but lately it seems that the “Google powered” part of Google custom search has disappeared completely, making Fat Chic Clothing Search really difficult to use. It can be used – as long as you only use the subtraction boolean to clarify your search – and as long as you don’t mind a boatload of duplicates, only 10 pages of options, and some stuff that we both know is in there just not showing up at all. Also, I have had “no results” come up often, and have had to hit “reload” many times, until it remembers that “oh yeah, there are results here.”

Google has been alerted to the issues – it’s not like I know how to go dinking with that algorhythm.  So far the response has been “you could be having problems because you have so many sites in there.”


Also, my site makes money for Google. I would hope that would be a motivator to fix these new problems, since last year I was already well past 1000 sites in the engine and did not have these problems at all.

They have a time consuming “index” option that can make searching for some things like plus size lingerie easier, but since it is time consuming and I’m working in a less than ideal environment at the moment, it’s going to be awhile before it comes up. So in the meantime, I realize most of you will just skip to the catalog (and I get that.) Using internal blog search works pretty well for at least finding stuff in the catalog itself.

As for Google, I’ll keep on them, but it looks like I may need to a)build something myself or b)find another service that treats my users and me better.

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