Plus Size News Roundup 4/8/2012


From the Clements Ribiero Line.

  • There’s some interesting responses to Samantha Brick’s “Don’t Hate Me for Being Beautiful,” post. She does it wrong – DEAD WRONG – but the original point raises some interesting points about female social violence. Bragging about her good looks and what it gets her (and that’s what it was) was an unfortunate act of social violence on a grand scale where she had every opportunity to remove her ego and make her experience about helping women be better to each other and overcome our Queen Bee shittery. The question posed to Samantha Brick about her troubled female friendships: “What do you do to make these women feel safe, respected, and supported?” I suspect that’s the real problem, NOT her looks.
  • In a relevant but unrelated essay, Carrie Otis writes about the Sisterhood of Inner Beauty.
  • Oprah Winfrey has acknowledged that her TV network OWN is not working out so well right now. It was a daring leap, and if anyone can fail big and come back with valuable lessons to share, it’s Winfrey.
  • International Business Times is running a feature on “supermodels without Photoshop.” It is posed from the male entitlement perspective (at least the headline is) so brace yourself.
  • Dalia MacPhee, a Canadian designer who famously designed a plus-size gown wardrobe for Niecy Nash on Dancing with the Stars, has a new vegan clothing line coming out. No word on whether it includes plus sizes. We know you can, Dalia – that’s why I’m posting it here.
  • In a confusing expression of solidarity – solidarity, really? the author of Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, Simon Doonan comments: “I’ve always expressed a strong solidarity with plus-size chicks because I am undersized for a guy, so I understand that frustration of shopping and feeling like an outsider. Everybody seems to find great things, but I can’t.”
  • The Guardian mentions that plus-size retailer Peacock’s entered administration earlier this year; this is the equivalent of beginning bankruptcy proceedings. (Peacock’s site “closed for transition.)
  • South Africa has now joined the obesity panic.
  • More features of the Clements Ribiero line for Evan’s.
  • Beverly Johnson, plus-size model, may have a reality show.
  • The Daily Mail has some kind of hate-on for Gemma Collins. Still, I do think doing a TV spot in a loud top may not be well-advised. What do you think?


Gemma's shirt - love it, hate it, belongs on furniture?

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It’s not a couch print, but prints on TV and movie cameras? Risky.

  • Watch out for docu-soap Big Brooklyn Style. BIG BROOKLYN STYLE is a half-hour workplace docu-soap following larger than life plus-size designer Lisa Dolan and her husband/partner Jim Dolan, as they set out to conquer the plus-size fashion world, one beautifully designed dress at a time.”
  • The Gloss has a great critique of Franca Sozzanni’s remarks at her Harvard talk.
  • Watch out for model Philomena Kwao – she’s aiming to be the UK’s first black plus-size supermodel.  I’d like to see her more!
  • Kaela Humphries photo shoot images are up.  Cute clothes. Weirdest benefit from a divorce, EVER.


Kaela Humphries for Eloquii.



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