Review: Solution to Chub Rub? Not quite.

Recently I agreed to review Thigh Glide as a possible solution to “chub rub.” For those unfamiliar, chub rub is when your thighs rub together as you walk. It chafes, irritates the skin and gets pretty uncomfortable. This condition can rule out wearing skirts or shorts in the summer, and when you’re heavy, hot weather is hard enough.


thigh glide for chub rub

So when Thigh Glide approached me, I asked for a sample, that they provided free of charge. I gave it a try during a conference when I knew I’d be walking around a lot while wearing a long skirt.

It lasted about 7 minutes from beginning to finish.

The concept is a little weird, and there are some problems that need fixing.

First, it consists of two very sticky pieces of plastic that you must attach to the insides of your thighs. The sides are super sticky, and you must move like a ninja to get ‘em on before they cling for dear life to anything but your quivering thighs. I was down to my last set of three before I got it.

Second, while the promotional copy reads that the curvy jogger that developed this product “forgets that they’re there,” I was all too aware of it with every step. I made it as far as my hotel bathroom before removing them.

For full stats, I am a size 28 US, and while not completely out of shape (years at the gym work on organs of all sizes) I’ve still got some land mass in that region. The experience of a size 16 might be completely different than my own.

As it is, I can’t recommend it for women on my end of the plus size range. It’s sort of like adhesive bras: it requires ninja fast movement, absolutely no sweatiness, and leaves zero room for error.

And I resigned from the “be perfect” club a long time ago.

If I were to give any tips to the promoters and designers at thigh glide:

  • Try a different adhesive, or possibly something that relies on static electricity. I’m optimistic that people with pacemakers aren’t too populous in your target market.
  • Add some size options – not all thighs are the same; there was a lot more room for rub on mine than there are on others.
  • Rather than plastic, made the outside fuzzy. Like a happy little secret between a lady’s legs.

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