Where are they now? When your plus-size clothing store goes out of business

While plus size clothing companies are relatively few, there are enough in the world that I do have a hard time keeping track of allof them. Consequently, I few have slipped through my hot little fingers and I am left, mournful and alone, wondering what happened. To my dear plus retailers, if you do experience the misfortune of going out of business – and believe me, I wish all of you much success on your journey so long as you respect and support your customers as much as they support you – but if you should, please send me and any other plus size blogger a press release or email.

Why you should tell people when you go out of business

There’s more to this than preventing forlorn shoppers pounding on locked doors.

  1. Inventory – yes, people do want to descend like vultures on your defunct inventory. Also, still-viable businesses will want to buy you out. While emotionally painful to watch, it does save you the cost of warehousing in the future – or scandals like what happened when those wedding dresses were spray-painted.
  2. So you get a chance to learn what worked and what didn’t.
  3. So other plus size retailers and desginers get a chance to learn what worked and what didn’t. Plus-size offerings are still rare enough that competition is the bottom of the list of things you need to worry about as a business person. If another business makes it about competition, they’re short-sighted idiots – and should be told so, quite bluntly.

As hard and painful as admitting failure is, failure in business is rarely about fault – the fault situations are pretty clearly illustrated when someone does or at least should go to jail. This is not just so people may descend like vultures on your going out of business sales. It’s so people can remember or even archive what you did right, what designs worked, what business approaches didn’t work, so that the plus size industry can improve as a whole. We’re in the age of niche business and cooperative competition – it’s much more important to be viable than it is to be “number one.”

As it is, I am wondering what happened to a few stores.

Plus Size stores – where are they now? What happened?

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What’s going on with …?

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Going Out of Business, Linens-N-Things
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