Do not subscribe OTHER people to Fat Chic mailing list

Do Not Want Cat - pink outfit

Just had two strange emails from the same person demanding to know WHO signed her up for what I’m assuming is the Fat Chic sales roundup mailing list. Since I can’t find a record of the email address in question, subscribed or not, ever, I’m not answering. The last thing I want is to engage someone who’s trolling – I have stuff to do, after all, and the next list installation isn’t likely to come out until next week.

On the off chance this is a simple case of someone who has simply been traumatized by the old-school way of doing mailing lists, where spammers grabbed every address posted anywhere, I’m going to explain a few things about our system here.

1)I use MailChimp. MailChimp is the anti-spam of mailing lists. There isn’t any of that “harvesting email addresses” stuff you’ve seen, nor do I buy lists. Which is why at the moment my sales roundup list is small – also, because I’m still working hard on getting affiliates that I believe my readers actually want to see offers from. It’s a tough road to balance. If most clothing retailers had their way, I’d post nothing but their latest sales, forever, as my blog posts. I just don’t think that makes for a fun blog. It also makes Pandas and Penguins Very Angry.

2)If you DO get signed up for the list, you receive a confirmation email making sure YOU subscribed to it. This way if you just typed in your email address on autopilot, you have an out. Hopefully no one else has access to your email and can’t just click that link for you.

3)I have no way of knowing whether it’s you signing yourself up or if someone else signed up for you. I track incoming IPs to this site, but I don’t use cookies or any of that other people-tracing stuff. It’s creepy, and honestly, I don’t have time to look at where my visitors are going. Fat Chic is still not the only thing I do all day.

4)Signing other people up for mailing lists can be well-intended or harassment-intended. It’s hard to tell, and I don’t see the specifics of your activity when you’re on this blog beyond what you click on. I have no way of knowing whether you decide to use your Aunt Gertrude’s email address in that mailing list form. Either way, it’s a bad thing to do. Especially for something like a plus-size clothing blog – I’m very fat and body positive, but your plus-size cousin who is struggling with her body issues might find being subscribed to this list as triggering and as bullying as the girls who left the Jenny Craig literature in her band folder back in high school. Don’t do that.

So please, ONLY sign yourself up for the mailing list. I’m still getting the hang of creating short missives you want to read that are in some ways different from the blog, and thank you for your patience, those who have opted to bear with me.