Plus Size News Roundup 7/30/12


  • From right here at Fat Chic: Hanover Direct is either “rebranding” Silhouettes or “looking for a buyer.” Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing their damnedest NOT to explain what’s going on to customers – and it raises the even more disturbing question: are there people who go into management at apparel makers with the specialty of killing off plus-size clothing lines? Why would they NOT want a share in a $17 billion dollar market?
  • The Kardashian sisters are looking for some new plus-size models for their jeans, and are even hosting a modeling contest. If you’re up to a size 20 (where plus size apparently stops in the Kardashian world, since it starts at a disturbing size 6) then consider sending in your picture wearing K-Dash jeans… if the costs of association with the Kardashian brand are worth the benefits to you.

Example of K-Dash jeans:


  • New Zealand writer Clementine Ford takes on the problems inherent in the body-culture directed at women, especially via those memes swimming across Facebook and Pinterest. “Defending the rights of women not to be defined by their body shape by arguing that certain women aren’t real plays into an irony that even I can’t get behind.“ “At its heart, it is an infantilizing, juvenile obsession that still pits women against each other and distracts us from participating in a life free of the pressure that comes from worrying about the stock market value of our looks.“
  • 30% of British women won’t share where they get fashion bargains. Granted, I’m a US-based blabbermouth, but I’d be out of business if I didn’t share. So would the places I didn’t blab about.
  • Margaret Cho blogs her thoughts on fatkinis.
  • From my hometown paper the Star Tribune, plus-size models are getting a lot more TV time.
  • People from Vancouver, like people anywhere else in the world, can be jerks to fat people, too.  ““To take the time out of their day to point out that they have a problem with you because of your weight … that is something I’ve only had happen (to me) in Vancouver.”  Not all Canadians fit their stereotype of “nice” just as not all US-Americans fit the stereotype of “NASCAR fan,” “gluttonous,” “shallow,” or “borderline illiterate.”
  • In a story no diet industry company would ever want us to see, a woman comes forward and explains why in her case, weight loss did NOT make her happy or improve her life…at all.
  • American Apparel disqualified Nancy Upton from their plus-size model contest for “mocking their good intentions.” Actually, she got banned for demonstrating exactly how appallingly bad the intentions of those who make decisions at American Apparel really are.
  • Miami Mercedes-Benz fashion week actually included plus size models – not something they seem to be able to bring themselves to do in New York. Which raises questions about why the regional difference, especially given Miami’s fame as a plastic surgery capitol?
  • Jordin Sparks, former plus-size model, has lost weight – and some people feel betrayed. This is what almost always happens, and there’s way too much other stuff with our perceptions of body image and weight to resolve before we can even begin to get to whether and if a public figure’s body is really a public issue.

Business of Plus


  • Frederick, Maryland has opened consignment shop Nu-2-U, and YES! It does have plus size clothing available.

Around the World

plus size models - Brazil 2012

  • Brazil has yet another “Real Women Fashion Show” tomorrow (Tuesday, 7-31.) No word on their plans for the fictional women running around.
  • Fabiana Karla is to be Queen of Drums in a carnival (not Carnivale, I think) celebration.
  • Marie Claire covers how one bridal shop humiliated a plus-size bride who just wanted a wedding dress that fit. Regular readers all know about my contention that the wedding industry is evil.
  • German plus-size brand Navabi has caught attention with some viral advertising. You know how I keep telling people it’s dress the plus-size or we start running around naked? Apparently someone at Navabi reads this blog.


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