Italian plus size model Elisa D’Ospina 2013

Plus Size News Roundup 1/5/13

Italian plus size model Elisa D’Ospina 2013



  • Gok Wan has a new lingerie collection available at Simply Be.
  • Former plus size model Crystal Renn (gasp!) refers to her horoscope. Personally, I recommend Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone.
  • Take a look at the challenging Italian photo essay Curvy Can – that features plus size bodies in full diversity and size range.
  • Lisa Riley got voted off Strictly Come Dancing but she still enjoyed herself thoroughly.
  • Mike and Molly – still not going over so well with its critics.
  • “While the likeable leads Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy have fewer fat jokes to deliver, they still have to peddle the same tired men versus women routines that were showing their age when Lucy and Ricky turned them down. “
  • Tired of seeing all the diet ads with the new year? Take a look at this fantastic roundup of plus size friendly resources.
  • The Diet Show, co-written by Gilbert Gottfried, casts reality stars in mocking the weight-loss industry – especially the televised horrors we know today.
  • Another show, My Fat Diary, focuses on the extreme pressure plus size teen girls have to handle daily. Star Sharon Rooney does not want to become a “plus size poster girl” but does want to prevent self-harm.
  • You’ve seen the trailers for Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in Identity Thief, right?
  • Rebel Wilson is the host for the 2013 MTV Music awards.
  • Take a look at Jamaican stand-up comic and body positive activist Kathy Grant, aka Miss Kitty.
  • Pundits suggest curvy women as a trend that might last. Bodies aren’t a freaking trend!
  • Victoria Secret’s total absence of plus size anything is coming under increasing criticism.
  • Kara Richardson Whitely belongs in the plus awesome column for hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro three times.
  • Here’s a fun profile of a burlesque troupe near Richmond Virginia with special mention of plus size performer Luscious Curves.
  • Josei Goldberg has gone up a size or two – making her too large for the fashion line she represents. This doesn’t look like a full-figured person to me – an average one, in the 12-14 range.
  • London will be hosting a plus size fashion week Feb 15th and 16th. The Daily Mail gets bizarrely effusive over it.

Plus Size Health

  • Acts of kindness significantly boost self-esteem on the part of the person that acts.
  • Studies have commenced on how fructose affects metabolism.
  • JAMA is looking more closely at the obesity paradox. They are confused. Especially now that studies have examined three million people with some pretty consistent findings.


Business of Plus

  • Looking for a new plus size fashion line for your boutique? Take a look at the German line Weiman. (Best viewed in Google Chrome for its translator feature.)
  • Ascena has just opened a 76000 square foot distribution center. At the same time, CitiGroup has downgraded the rating to neutral. I’m pretty sure on this one, they’re guessing wrong.
  • The chapter 11 filing of Avenue makes mention as one of the top 5 bankruptcies of 2012.
  • Hot Topic had a 4 percent rise in holiday sales.

Plus Size Local

Plus Size International

  • Somewhere in Brazil there’s a new plus-size clothing boutique.
  • Even the Polish want to know more about Kate Upton’s career.
  • Take a look at this profile of plus size model Elisa D’Ospina. Mjiriam Bon also has a profile, based on the Curvy Can campaign against anorexia.
  • Because the Indian press has decided to adopt the stupid parts of westernization rather than the good ones, gorgeous Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi is receiving criticism for looking like she has gained weight – clearly this is a national threat. Or wait, not. I’m not the only person who thinks this crap behavior on the part of reporters (male and female, you’re all grounded. GROUNDED!)
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