Plus Size News Roundup 2/11/13

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Greetings Chic ones!

Last Saturday heralded the beginning of Fall Fashion Week for 2013, so the month long extravaganza of ready-to-wear fashion hilarity has begun! While as always the majority of fashion caters to the straight-sized population, at least over in London Town the London Plus Size Fashion Weekend coincides with London Fashion Week. If you want to see what straight size designers wish for – or want to inspire your own design and sewing projects – you can see the fashion week schedules for New York, London, Milan and Paris.

A bit of news for Fat Chic regulars: I know you’ve missed having some actual content and so have I. Since I find myself embroiled in the business of writing a book I must direct much of that commentary energy elsewhere. Starting this week, I have help! Trusted friends and fabulous writers/fashion lovers Star and Crystal are bringing their voices to Fat Chic. I hope to bring on a few more by the year’s end.  They’ve been around before, so some of you who have read this for years may recognize their styles. Also, I’ve occasionally gotten the details wrong when introducing people for the sake of conversation so I’m leaving the whole sharing-of-details to them – if they see fit, they’ll introduce themselves.

Be nice to them – I will still be around enough to watch for and crush trolls!

Now, for your regularly scheduled plus size news roundup!

  • Read this history of fatshion blogging– I suppose Fat Chic doesn’t really fall under the “radical” header despite my personal views.
  • Angela Spindler, who has led teams like Debenhams and Asda, now takes the CEO slot for moving-in-to-High-Street plus size retailer N Brown.
  • Forbes of all places has an article on handling plus size fashion – that even addresses chub rub. Investors, take note – if Forbes covers it, they’re saying “hello, get your giant piles of money here.” The caveat being that there’s enough competition in the plus size clothing industry now that you actually do need to offer a product that is both well-made and attractive.
  • Minneapolis (where Fat Chic is located) has a new pinups magazine – with some plus size models included.
  • Read this profile of Jada Sezer, one of the models to walk in London’s plus size fashion weekend.
  • Nailah Lymus is pushing high fashion that honors Muslim modesty precepts. She is working with Sumiyyah Rasheed on a plus size fashion line.
  • Rex Reed, not idiot savant but just idiot at the New York Observer, has confused Melissa McCarthy with an inanimate object. Or has confused his sense of entitlement for a remotely valid opinion. Hard to say, except for the idiot part.
  • Howard Kurtz, on the other hand, wishes people would just shut up about who is and isn’t fat.
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