Miss Piggy is Awesome

The last Muppet Movie featured Miss Piggy in a relevant role: the plus size fashion editor for Vogue Paris. While part of the joke is that hell would freeze over twice before Vogue would ever have a plus size fashion editor in Paris of all places, it raises an interesting throught to me: what would a plus size fashion column or youtube show from Miss Piggy look like?

Somehow I think it would turn something like Marie Claire’s Big Girl in a Skinny World on its head.

I can see her karate chopping Karl Lagerfield every time he says something idiotic about designing for plus sizes. So that would happen right up until he finally got the restraining order.

Then there’s the inevitable showdown with her and Anna Wintour. Wintour bacon, anyone?

I’m also just guessing what she would do to the person stupid enough to ask her to be a spokesperson for a commercial diet plan. It would not be pretty.

Really, as warped as it sounds, Miss Piggy is a sort of role model. Oh, not the narcissism – that’s always a bit cringe inducing. But her attitude is amazing; she has a sense of self that non-fictional women forget they need to have to pull of anything in life. Strangely, she actually fits the literal definition of humility (yes, weird, I know.) She knows exactly who she is. She knows exactly how she fits into the big picture – and yes, she really does steal the stage. She accepts herself in totality, even when she recognizes that those around her find her a little hard to accept at times. She knows what she likes, what she wants and she’s honest with herself.

Isn’t that what almost every plus size fashion blogger is supposed to be trying to teach?

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