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Plus Size News Roundup 3/25/13

 Swedish Mannequin shots from Women’s Rights News.

  • A Swedish store put out some plus size mannequins – and it led to yet another exploration of what is and isn’t plus-sized. The buzz over the mannequin picture in question has prompted the photographer to start her own site – documenting mannequins.


  • It seems that the movement to normalize different body types through exposure on the Internet is starting to work. But we do have some setbacks, thanks to the upsurge in commercial interest in blogs like this one. (In the case of Fat Chic, it’s too many projects… one cook. Because I hate asking people to work for me for free.)


“I think blogs, social media and ‘street style’ started off as positive forces for diversity in beauty and fashion, but as they’ve become more associated, supported and controlled by mainstream media outlets, brands and advertisers, they’ve become quite harmful.

  •  The Business of Fashion has a serious essay about how the fashion industry is perceived.

“Why is it that you lot insist on putting clothes on models that are stick thin and 6 feet tall, when the average woman is curvy and only about 5 feet 6 inches tall?”

Plus Size Health

This is a collection of health news and related links for plus-size women. Please bear in mind that many, even most of such studies are the following

    1)Funded by corporations that make a great deal of money from the diet industry. 2)Inconclusive. 3)Find correlation, yes, but not causation. A triangle may be prone to cancer, but a square also being a geometric shape does NOT mean it is also prone to cancer. 4)Exaggerated and panic-inducing. The “obesity epidemic” exists in part because people never previously considered “obese” have been re-classified under an arbitrary definition of “fat.”

For more insight and understanding into this, please read Junkfood Science from the beginning.


  • Adults around the world eat double the amount of sodium recommended by AHA.
  • People on medications for mental health maladies can lose weight if taken through a carefully guided program.
  • Sugary drinks are linked – very loosely – to 25K deaths a year in the United States. Pretty sure it’s a corrolary based on how much sugary drinks are consumed, not on how dangerous sugar is. (Sugar isn’t a good thing – but it’s also not likely to cause a car accident or heart attack all by itself.)
  • Switching to skim milk does not prevent toddlers from becoming obese later.

Business of Plus

  • N Brown, the British corporation that holds such brands as Simply Be and Fig Leaves, has selected a new company to assist in “multichannel customer engagement.” So… stuff like blogs, social media, reviews, advertising… Why does this matter in plus size news? Because we will be the people that this company will contact.
  • There’s a new plus size line coming to the Limited – that will replace Eloquii. Eloquii is being phased out after a year’s test market – and not nearly enough advertising. X-Two is the brand in question, already on its own site.



  • In Brazil, there’s up and coming vocal support in defense of size G – aka plus size – women.
  • There is also an interest in how plus size models deal with self-esteem issues.

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