Di in Paisley and Lace

Ulla Popken duster set. Perfect for holiday lo...
Ulla Popken duster set. Perfect for holiday lounging. (Photo credit: diana_rajchel)

Materials for this post were provided free of charge by the producing company.

I’m catching up (at last) on some wardrobe shots – this was taken by my partner right after we moved into our new house. I’m showcasing Ulla Popken’s crocheted lace trim tunic ¬†while also wearing a skirt from Target, long socks from Sock Dreams and a belt by Igigi. This I wore to have lunch with a friend. I tried a few different configurations with the tunic – on me, I liked its look best belted.

Be sure to check out the Ulla Popken blog by Babe Hope for her unique view on style for the plus sized!

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