Bandeau Bras

Other bloggers, like the Curvy Fashionista, have discovered the marvel of bandeau bras. They do what a strapless bra does – keeps things in shape – but without the requisite underwire digging into your skin. A spectacularly revealing maxi dress last year forced me to hunt for one of my own. It stopped me from revealing too much – yay! – and I rather love bandeau bras now. I want more. They’re super handy, especially with my penchant for spaghetti strap tank tops – it gives me that precious sense of containment.

I used the bra pictured above from Deb Shops. I own two, one in red and one in pale lavender. While I did eventually slip the dress forms out – my breasts are fairly regulation shaped on their own – I’ve found them otherwise great, and they are lasting me into a second summer.

I’ve noticed that different retailers define “bandeau bra” differently. It should mean a strapless bra, stretchy, no wires, too short for a tube top. That’s not always what they produce and then call a bandeau.

I like to wear them with:

  • Spaghetti strap tank tops
  • Anything excessively low cut
  • Alone and uncovered, if feeling daring or doing a “sweltering hot day but must remain clothed” look

That last one calls on serious body confidence (or body not giving-a-damn, depending on where you’re at.) Some days I’m there, some days I’m not – but I might as well be comfortable either way. Also, for women over a D cup, this may not be possible with what’s typically on the market right now – you either need more support, stronger material or even a second bra over top although that sounds absurd and painful. I’ll keep an eye out for sewing patterns – might be worth seeing what you can build yourself.

You can always find your own plus size bandeau bra on Fat Chic Clothing Search..

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