Plus Size News Roundup 8/26/13

Diesel plus size model

  • Tim Gunn is commenting on how fashion ends at size 12. It doesn’t Mr. Gunn – you just have to look past the willfully blind people.
  • This market analysis reports that in the last decade plus size stores or stores that add a plus size section are the only ones performing successfully since recent economic crashes.
  • The UK just saw its first plus size bridal show.
  • Per Carre’ Otis, that diet models quote about fish and vegetables is code for working out two hours a day 7 days a week and consuming nothing but black coffee and cigarettes.
  • This may take some “match the known US/UK/Oz company to its out-of-country branding,” work – but this week the Indian Press is looking at where the plus size stores are available. I know all about Just My Size. Just Your Size? That’s a thing?
  • High-end brand Diesel is using plus size models in its latest campaign. An interesting and insulting choice, since they don’t go over traditional straight sizing.
  • Kelly Osborne confirmed that she will release a plus size clothing line. I wonder if it’s with Torrid or with a UK retailer?

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