Fat Chic – it’s not about trying to look thin.
I really mean that.
Shots of DiFat Chic focuses on plus size fashion – starting with what’s available on the market right now. After the clothing, it’s about plus size women – especially women creating, performing, engaging or just plain being awesome. Whether it’s a plus size athlete or a fat positive activist, these women are what makes Fat Chic what it is.

This is not the place to look for diet tips, ideas for self flagellation or methods of disguising arm-flap.  Fat Chic fully supports the HAES  (Health at Every Size) approach to self-care. While there are guest writers – trusted friends of Di’s, the primary author – who participate in diet programs, Fat Chic will not every endorse any diet program. That stuff is absolutely everywhere else. It has absolutely no need to be here.

Fat Chic has run since February 2007. While not created out of career aspirations, it has achieved some recognition:

2010 brought a lot of attention to the plus size market and also serious attention to this blog. Fat Chic received the following honors:
Lane Bryant Blogger’s Conference Attendee
Just My Size Style Symposium Attendee
Twin Cities Social Media Titans Nominee

In 2011, Fat Chic garnered a mention in the November issue of People Style Watch.

Diana at Lane Bryant blog conference

Fat Chic receives 15-17K visitors per month, about half from the United States and slightly less than half from Great Britain, Australia and Europe. There is a preference for having the right audience rather than a large audience. This cuts down on trolls and diet advertiser approaches.

Social Media


Fat Chic draws its income in the following ways:

  • Embedded/context relevant affiliate links
  • Custom Google Search AdSense Revenue
  • Amazon affiliate links
  • Advertising in the newsletter
  • Product reviews

About Diana:

I am the primary writer of this blog, although as of 2013 I am slowly bringing in assistance. The topic of plus size has caught fire since I started Fat Chic -  not just because of its significance as a means of raising cash in a faltering economy, but because social movements by women young and old that frees them from the tyranny of body conformity (one that is in fact not even possible to conform to) are starting to work.

I fluctuate between a size 24 and a size 28 US. I range between 285-309 pounds depending on whether I’m recovering from an injury or not.  I am involved in ecstatic dance, bellydance, gardening, Pilates, yoga, ballet barre, water aerobics, photography, freelance writing, decoupage, cooking and a lot of other things that you might see on Pinterest. I really do go to the gym six days a week. I participate in the Artist’s Way. I refuse to diet. I am publicly Wiccan- and I have a book coming out related to that aspect of my life.  I won’t cover up my arms, I avoid wearing shapewear and thongs are out of the question. I’m also not too keen on spiked heels and leopard print.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m also opinionated.

I also happen to love clothing, and love feeling stylish. I am agnostic about what style and stylish means.

What it means for me – and on me – is based on my body, with the smaller bust and larger belly. I can’t advise women to wear what I wear. They don’t have my body, my measurements, my environment… the things I might spill on myself on a daily basis. They have their own – and all their measurements are different.

So instead I find pieces that look well designed and post them.  It might not be what anyone is looking for – but at least it gives my readers a place to start.

You can find my other work at http://blog.dianarajchel.com.