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We interrupt this hiatus to tell you about my new book

Hey all – I am interrupting your hiatus to tell you about something super important to me:
I published a book! After 10 years of research, writing, scrapping and rewriting, my book Divorcing a Real Witch is now available to the general public.

Divorcing a Real Witch – by Diana Rajchel

If you have ever experienced divorce – or were puzzled by Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” then you may find in this book some helpful explanations and shared experiences. Handparting is a Wiccan ritual that predates that new age term; even some Christian churches have end of vows ceremonies. Each one serves a specific emotional purpose. This is about using these rituals – and sharing experiences – as a way to take care of yourself during the weird, awkward time that is post-divorce.

I’ve had massive support along the way from Pagans and people from other religious groups and non-religious groups – I probably won’t heal the world but at least I did something.

If you want your very own copy, you can get it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can also march into your favorite indie store and ask them pretty please to order it. It’s available at all major book distributors.

If you’re dying to read it but don’t want to freak out your spouse or grandparent, you can also get it on Kindle or Nook!

I am also doing some events related to the book – you can see more at

Fat Chic is on hiatus

Greetings Fat Chic readers!

Fat Chic is going on hiatus indefinitely. I will, for the time being, leave up the blog so you may search it. I may even on some long weekend change the format to its earlier search-friendly version.

I have always been open that Fat Chic was a topic of passion for me but my career is elsewhere. Then Fat Chic went and almost became a career on me, before I was ready for it. Before I was even mentally prepared to think of myself as a hobbyist blogger. I come from the last of the old-school journalism community and while I adapted to the technology of the switch well enough, I can’t say I’m ever going to be 100% comfortable by the way business drives content – even businesses I genuinely like and recommend.

I am, however, leaving room for possibility on this. Perhaps one of my select, trusted guest posters will become impassioned. Perhaps I’ll get an offer I would genuinely consider.

For now, I leave you with Fat Chic Clothing Search. and best wishes.  While I’ve been far more reticent than most fashion or fatshion bloggers I have truly enjoyed the people I’ve met and the people I’ve helped as the result of starting the blog.

It has taken me a decade to learn and appreciate the wisdom of Diane von Furstenberg: “Women are strong. We can do it all. But not always at the same time.”

Right now, there is another part of my all that must be doing.

Happy new year to all!

Fat Chic Etsy Roundup: a Treasury of Plus

‘Fat Chic Plus Size Favorites’ by magickalrealism

Some of my favorite plus size designs on Etsy; for featuring on my blog, Fat Chic.

Big sale for December plus s…


Long sleeve tunic/ Cotton tu…


Dark Green/Black Color Block…


Fashion Grey Green Long Shir…


Steampunk Military Dress Bla…


JIBRI Printed High Waist Ple…


Wool coat wool Jacket Parkas…


Black Red Skull Cotton Sweat…


The Socialite Tee Shirt & Ta…


Plus Size – CURVY ELLE Lips …




Women’s and Kids Ruffled…


NENA Asymmetrical plus size …


Apricot sweater dress knitwe…


Womens clothing. Winter dres…


Maxi Dress Women Plus Sizes …


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Triggering and/or Cathartic: #fatmicroagressions

For those of you who may not follow Fat Positive bloggers on Twitter, a new hashtag erupted last week. Admittedly co-opted from the #racistmicroaggressions tag, both explore the small, more subtle ways our culture and individuals within it express hatred and animosity towards fat people. From institutionalized abuse in the medical system to insulting “praise” at the gym, plus size men and women of all stripes tweeted their own direct experiences to the tag. You may see a lot of familiar things in this extended call-out … and yes, there were a few trolls.

Wet and Wild, ELF and Nyx Cosmetics

Why would someone my age uses the cheapest cosmetic brands on the market?

Answer: because most of the time, they WORK.

As a kid, Wet & Wild seemed like a godsend right up until I tried my first lipstick from them. 99 cent lipsticks? Yes thank you. Then, after buying one at a Scott’s drugs, I faced my first real cosmetic letdown. It was horrifying – pure rough wax across my skin. My lips felt sticky and tasted like I’d chewed on a candle. A day later I had my first ever blackheads, all around my lips. I walked away believing the adage “you get what you pay for.”

Even so, the brand has endured – and improved. Their lipsticks now go on smoothly. I don’t experience dermal consequences after. The liquid liners tend to stay on. The waterproof mascara, while not as lash-enhancing as I’d like, does not run, ever. I’m only a little embarrassed to admit the cheap stuff is now part of my routine beauty arsenal.

As an added bonus, this US based company supports the nonprofit Dress for Success – and affordable beauty care is an important part of that, since many employers tend to be suspicious of women that eschew makeup.

Product from Wet and Wild I love:

These days I absolutely love their lipsticks.

Wet & Wild Lipstick 2013

Back in the day, Wet & Wild was it for truly low-cost cosmetics.

Nowadays we have some new players in the field of cheap cosmetics: Nyx and E.L.F.

In recent years, E.L.F. entered the US market. That’s “Eyes, Lips, Face” for those unfamiliar with the acronym. Over the years, I’ve become the granola crunchers of makeup snobs. I prefer the natural. I even (shhh) make my own. But sometimes, as much fun as that is, I still consider the first time I open a new tube of lipstick or open an eye shadow compact thrilling. Perhaps it’s because my family had strict rules about makeup use. Perhaps it’s just that cosmetics are an externally applied alterative substance. That’s expensive. It takes money to get that high.
E.L.F. is cheap.

Unfortunately, E.L.F. is also made in China – and I discovered the brand right after the whole “lead in children’s toys” Target scandal and the “lead in almost every lipstick” scandal right before that. Even though my vanity is full of the stuff, I fear I’m painting myself in lead and about to go down like a lady of ancient Rome.

Even with that fear – hopefully irrational – E.L.F has a lot of my favorite go-to products.

I decided to risk it anyway when one of their multicolored eye palettes came up for sale over Christmas last year. It was just … gratifying… to buy one. I had always hoped to get more of that sort of thing in my stocking as a kid but really that only happened once or twice. So I indulged – because it was cheap, and easy. I still have a palette from 2011; the one this year is just so beautiful I have to restrain myself whenever I walk past it:

Buying the E.L.F. kit satisfied a childhood craving to have all the colors and thereby to have full access of all the knowledge about what the colors can do.

But the product I love from E.L.F?
The Mist and Set:

Of course, it doesn’t negate my paranoia about what all is in it… but it works really well. My makeup holds up all the way through water aerobics. (Only a concern when I have somewhere to be immediately after.)

But makeup trends changed – plus, I’m always nervous about the long-term effects of what I put on my face. After a visit to Ulta - a place I only discovered about two years ago – I found yet another cheap cosmetic source: Nyx Cosmetics. They are another US and LA based company, like Wet & Wild; they offer cruelty free cosmetics. They also apparently buck the cheap-seats trend in some ways because department store Nordstrom is among their distributors.

My first contact with Nyx involved two products: their lipstick and their cream eyeshadow.

I love the cream eyeshadow. The lipstick, however… it brought me right back to my first experience with Wet & Wild lipstick. I just avoid their lip products altogether.

However, the cream eyeshadow is one of my favorite makeup go-tos and I have, piece by piece, been buying up their full range of colors. It has strong pigment but it does dilute a bit as it spreads. I’ve been using Maybelline eye tattoo eye shadow as a base and then adding the Nyx over top; it works beautifully, fixing the color so it pops.

Nyx Cream Eye Shadow 2013It’s one of those fun, alterative luxury feelings.

You may ask why the next tier up is not grouped in with these. Most, because to me they’re still a chunk. As a kid I always bought Maybelline – it was the best I could afford. I still love Maybelline, but I’ve also found L’Oreal, Sonia Kashuk and No 7 to all have great things – that are often beyond my limited budget. Seriously, the cost for cream blush is generally horrifying – thus E.L.F. stepping in is a relief (yes, I have tried and also like the Maybelline powder/gel blush, but it’s usually sold out!)