Body Glide – Not Just for Athletes

Body Glide chub rub 2013For years I suffered through hot summers without the joy of wearing lovely, airy skirts and dresses. Between the dreaded thigh rub and my very sensitive skin which was prone to cracking and bleeding when it chafed, I was more or less forced to wear tights or leggings under all dresses. I thought I had tried every trick in the book- lube, underarm deodorant, baby powder- none of it worked for me. Then one of my girlfriends got into running marathons. Long distance runners have to do all kinds of things to prevent their shoes and clothes from chafing when they run for hours at a time, and any products they use have to be sweat proof. And that is how I discovered Body Glide and was able to wear dresses again.

Body Glide is available in the running section of sporting goods stores. It comes in a stick form, much like underarm deodorant. It feels sort of waxy when you put it on, but it’s not thick or goopy. You just roll it on any areas where you have chafing issues, and it stays there. It won’t sweat off, and it will last for hours. I use it for thigh rub and it works great, even on really hot days. I have also used it on my feet when I’m breaking in a new pair of strappy sandals, to prevent blisters. I love this stuff.