User’s Guide to Fat Chic

Fat Chic has been around for years and has built up quite the collection of links, posts and images. In the interest of making life easier, I’m offering this page so you can make the most of Fat Chic. Usability is a priority, although sometimes there’s a choice between making the blog more usable and providing fresh content.

I.  For making the best use of the entire blog, check out A Quick Guide to Fat Chic.

II. For using the Fat Chic clothing search:
A quick guide to using Fat Chic clothing search

III. If you’re a researchy type, you can find your way through our archives here:


IV. If you are looking for store listings sorted out more-or-less by country, go to the Catalog of Plus Size Stores. If you use the blog search tool (the one NOT labeled “Google”) you can also find posts labeled “Catalog Project” that will taking you to listings within the catalog.

V. If you want to get involved with the Fat Chic community,

  • Join the Fat Chic Flickr group
  • Comment in the blog posts – as of 2012, Disqus is the commenting tool of choice. I understand this has accessibility issues; if there’s a better alternative that covers this, please share!
  • Check out Fat Chic Tumblr (NSFW)
  • Join Fat Chic Facebook page
  • Follow Fat Chic on Pinterest.

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