The Thighs Have it – Review

bandellettes anti chub rub

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Thigh highs. Garters. Stockings. We all love a little leg – and usually, when we really show them off, we have to give up a few essentials, such as pockets. ‘tis the season of awkwardly carrying a purse around all night at a party, of rubbing your thighs raw just because you wanted to do something a little bit more fun than usual.

Two products came my way to address both awkward purse carrying AND the dreaded chub rub.

They are both pretty cool, too.

First: the Girly Go Garter

While I hate the name – girlie? Really? The implications in the term “girlie” just bugs me.  It’s a smart product. Why can’t the name have something about its users being smart?

My complaints about branding aside, the product itself rocks. It’s a garter – indeed – with interior pockets. So you can put your keys, ID and a little cash in and then get going for the night.  That means you will have to either duck into the bathroom or show a little leg while fishing out the goods if you get carded. Just keep it lightweight and you’ll do OK – I have one of the heavier Nexus Smartphones from last year. That’s a bit too much weight bearing for the garter, so that just slid right down my leg. However, keys, cash and ID it stayed up just fine for the two hour run that I tested it but strapping it on with some baggage and running up and down the stairs of my house a few times. (My house has a lot of stairs.)

The garter is available in sizes 0-18. I am obviously a 28 – so some of the limitations with weight bearing I experienced may not happen on smaller women. Also, here’s hoping they expand their size line for plus sizes. The sales from the 20+ crowd would be stratospheric.

Second: Bandelettes

bandellettes anti chub rub

It took awhile to get the right fit – and the right fit makes all the difference. To find the right fit, you must measure the largest part of your thigh – the section above where most thigh highs stop the lace. Once you do, Bandelettes make the most elegant solution to chub rub I have ever seen. You simply slide the lace in place and go. It feels a bit odd at first, but after a bit it becomes natural – and it’s far preferable to the rubbed-raw thighs that happen without them. At $19.99 a pair, it’s a good bargain – these will definitely outlast most of your hosiery. Sizing goes up to 32 inch thighs (individually.)