Even More to Love

Maurices plus size black denim skirt 2013

available from Maurices up to size 3x

Deb Shops plus size black lace sleeve top 2013

available from Deb Shops up to size 3x.

Target plus size white contrast sleeve blouse 2013

Available from Target up to size 4x.

Torrid plus size black bare shoulder sweater 2013

available from Torrid up to size 5x

Torrid plus size grey poison print sweater 2013

From Torrid, up to 5x.

Now this is a graphic I would wear!

Torrid plus size black and white contrast shoes 2013


Igigi plus size print dress 2013

available from Igigi up to size 30/32

City Chic plus size blue tunic 2013available from City Chic up to size 24

Modcloth plus size green button front skirt 2013

available from Modcloth up to 4x.

Ralph Lauren Women plus size geometric dress 2013

This is a Ralph Lauren dress. Available at Bloomingdales up to size 3x.


More to Love

This tunic – the pocket is a nice, non-invasive add, too:

Just My Size plus size blue tunic with black polka dots 2013

available from Just My Size up to 4x


Still a fan of a good crewneck sweater – it’s classic for a reason.

JC Penney plus size black and white crewneck sweater 2013

available from JC Penney up to size 3x.

This scroll print dress…. LOVE, SO MUCH!

Fashion to Figure plus size black and white scroll print dress black hem border 2013

available from Fashion to Figure up to size 3x.

This skirt from Talbots – the whole burnished print thing is a longstanding favorite look of mine:


Talbots plus size black burnished print midi skirt 2013

available from Talbots up to size 24

Talbots plus size black lace print long sleeve shirt 2013

available from Talbots up to size 3x

Zip skirts, like ankle zip pants, just make me bizarrely happy.

Ashley Stewart plus size black gold zip pencil skirt 2013

available from Ashley Stewart up to size 24


Then again, so does this ponte skirt from the same company:

Ashley Stewart plus size Red and black print pencil skirt 2013

available up to size 24

Avenue.com plus size red and black corset top 2013

available from Avenue.com up to size 24

From Addition Elle, this awesome sequin dress:


Addition Elle plus size black sequin tank dress 2013

available from Addition Elle up to size 4x.


Love it

This is aubergine. Just saying “grab my aubergine coat dear,” amuses me. Say it with me. Aubergine. Aw-burr- gzheen.

Elvi plus size purple faux fur coat 2013From Elvi

Add a circle to the ankle on some ballet flats and they go from boring to elegant.


Evans black snake print ballet flats 2013From Evans.


If you know anything about penguins and pebbles you understand why this sweater requires rhinestones.

Evans plus size black penguin print jumper 2013

available from Evans up to size 30/32 (UK)

Cozy but with a dress quality. Tempts me to use this sweater for things not intended when catalogs use words like “cable knit.”

Northstyle plus size green cable knit sweater 2013

available from NorthStyle up to size 3x.

This has everything to do with my love of vests:

Michael Kors plus size brown diagonal zip vest 2013

available from Michael Kors up to size 3x.

LOVE the color peach. It’s like pink but better.

New Look plus size peach blouson blouse 2013

available from New Look up to size 26 (UK)

This is billed as a dress but looks more like a tunic to me – in colors I love.

X-two plus size geometric color block tunic blouse 2013

available from x-two up to size 28.


As much fun as tight lingerie can be, I prefer the ability to move around. Thus the stretch lace long gown – see through for my partner, comfort for me.

Hips and Curves plus size black see-through nightie 2013

 Available from Hips and Curves up to size 5x.


For whatever strange reason, I’m warming up to cold shoulder looks. Maybe it’s all the T-shirt surgery I’ve been doing.

Rainbow Shops plus size love cold shoulder long sleeve tee 2013

Available from Rainbow Shops up to size 2x.


From Elisa: I don’t want an amazing transformation!

Sorry, I Don’t Want An “Amazing Transformation!”

According to Keirsey, Oprah Winfrey may be a T...
According to Keirsey, Oprah Winfrey may be a Teacher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the discovery that there were vast sums to be derived from making others feel inadequate, never has such high intelligence has been devoted to low self-esteem.

And never has technology had such effective tools to work with. Between CGI and Photoshop, women (and everybody else) have almost no access to unmediated images.

For example: when has Oprah EVER looked like one of her own magazine covers? It sickens moi when Oprah has those “empowering” title lines on her covers. “Be The Best You?” Then how about showing us the REAL You, Oprah? The woman who is overweight, with heavy arms. This is not meant as a criticism of Ms. Winfrey’s physique. It is a criticism of Ms. Winfrey’s holding herself out as an example. An example that is a LIE.

Ms. Winfrey believes that her bazillions of followers will not buy her magazines if Oprah Winfrey actually looks like Oprah Winfrey.

The mind boggles. In fact, it makes my head hurt if I think about this too much.

Larger lovelies are further marginalized not only by Oprah having herself halved in size, but also the eradication of any and all normal flaws in media images. We are so ceaselessly bombarded by smooth, creamy perfection at every turn that oneself cannot measure up. Even the perfect people are not perfect enough. In television and movies, no wrinkles, bulges, unsightly moles, body hair, bra lines, panty lines, a dress wrinkled in the waist and skirt from sitting down—thanks to CGI, “all gone!” as a friend of mine says to her shiba inu when lunch is done.

What the photographers, fashion assistants and others share is that women do not shed their “baby weight” in any sort of phenomenal way.  They get liposuction, tummy tucks, and get this—tightened vaginas.  Which is now called “vaginal rejuvenation.”  As if the vagina needs Botox and a peel!

Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield Sa...
Victoria’s Secret Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009 (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Before I write anything else, there is one item I must get off my ample chest: if I meet the people behind the Victoria’s Secret ad campaigns and catalogs, there would be blood on the streets. Even the gaunt Dachau victims that lurch down the runways during Fashion Week are more realistic than those pencils with false breasts. Victoria’s Secret has it all…One can feel bad about being skinny, flat-chested, large-chested, heavy, tall, short…any woman that does not look like these bizarre hybrids. And the quality of their merchandise is far lower than their prices would indicate.

The name “Victoria’s Secret” brings to mind the image of a young Victorian female, all plush curves and dimpled elbows. Beautiful lingerie enhancing the splendor of an actual human body. Sensual fabrics on sexual females. The hint of a double chin above a soft neck. Long hair spilled across a satin pillowcase.

Thousands of ads toting exercise machines, DVDs, pills, programs, all guaranteed to make you lose weight and keep it off. Sometimes I wonder:
a) Why have I never met anyone personally who underwent such a transformation?
b) If all of those hordes of “afters” are thin, how can there be any fat people left, logistically speaking?

You might think this is a “been there, done that” tirade. We have been there. We have done that. But never as completely. Never as unremittingly. Women are trained from the cradle to think of themselves as physically inadequate in some way. Heavy women even more so. Now, overweight isn’t only overweight, it is a crime against humanity. At least according to TMZ and their ilk.

Where are the role models for larger lovelies? Every time a heavy beauty has a career breakthrough…she sheds poundage. And since said beauty has always given publicity about “loving myself the way I am”, the frantic backtracking becomes comic to watch. “Yes, I did love myself at that weight, but life can be enjoyed at any size!” THEN WHY DID YOU LOSE SIXTY POUNDS, BITCH? (Yes, I’m looking at you, Jennifer Hudson. I know there are others. But I’m looking at you.)

House of Blues: Jennifer Hudson
House of Blues: Jennifer Hudson (Photo credit: WCHI News)

We are betrayed at every turn. America Ferrera started “Ugly Betty” as a larger lovely, but grew progressively thinner as the show’s run went on. Singer Jordin Sparks is ´delighted´ to have lost weight. Media websites love to run slideshows of “Amazing Transformations!”

That’s another peeve. You don’t lose weight. You have “An Amazing Transformation!” “Complete Body Makeover!” Good God, it makes me long for the days when the goal of losing weight was well…losing weight. Buy a smaller bra. Wear pleats. Can we ever go back? If we’re going to make abortion illegal again, while we’re at it, can’t we go back to excess poundage not being a mortal sin?

Pardon the pun: Fat chance. My apologies if this rambles a bit, but I have low blood sugar. I am going to go eat a chocolate cupcake. In public.



102213 004

A Wardrobe Re-boot

Avenue.com sells some great wide-width boots. It fulfilled a dream of mine: calf length boots I could wear. Alas, I darn near wore them out – as you can see:
avenue.com boot repair 2013 avenue.com boot repair 2013

Jump to the future, after a visit to Fast Eddie's. The damage was significant. The price for repair - an astoundingly cheap $25 (for BOTH shoes.)

Jump to the future, after a visit to Fast Eddie’s. The damage was significant. The price for repair – an astoundingly cheap $25 (for BOTH shoes.) So if you kill your shoes – take them to a shoe repair guy. It’s amazing how much more life you can get out of them!
avenue.com boot repair 2013 avenue.com boot repair 2013

Review: Igigi Skirt and Blouse

Materials for this post were provided free of charge by the producing company.

The good folks at Igigi requested I review some pieces from their 2013 line. Since I love Igigi – it definitely fits me when I’m in the mood for a classic look – I jumped at the opportunity. I selected the Belmont Skirt – the brocade pattern had me drooling. Ozlem also included the Tavi top to go with it, since it’s pictured like this on their site:

tavi-burgundy-frontOn me, it looks like this:

fatchic4Actually, from a few other angles – it’s a roomy skirt and I tend to move around a lot in it:

It’s also very, very warm. I love how warm the skirt is. My partner, Mike, is a big fan of the blouse. We were both thrown a little at first by the blouse – it has ruffling that you tuck on the inside. The shirt above is a little bit big for me – I’ve gained some muscle on top from weight lifting in water aerobics and Pilates – it has thinned my arms and reshaped my chest. (This does not happen to every person who does this exercise combination, it just happened to happen to me.) Looking at the photos now, I might do better to wear it with heels. I was having severe back pain and snow was in the forecast so I chose to go with the boots.

I love this and I plan to wear the skirt lots this winter – once I get my chiropractice issues straightened out I have the perfect Oxford booties to go with it and I can’t wait to see how it looks with this top from Igigi that I reviewed last year:


Igigi plus size blue houndstooth wrap sweater 2012 (5)




For winter style, I absolutely love it. It looks nice enough for theater but is comfortable enough to get up and dance – and I always need to wear clothing that lets me dance!

Modcloth Polyvore Challenge

The good folks at Modcloth asked me to style the coat with other Modcloth goodies- so, using Polyvore I structured this look. Obviously I’m over my matchy-matchy phase.

ModCloth Polymore Style Challenge

Plus size top

Plus size top

Bea Dot coat

Plus size skirt

Galaxy shoes

Blossom jewelry

Band ring

Metal ring



Oh Wow, Monif C.

Monif C plus size blue jacquard peplum romper 2013

One of the reasons it’s important to take risks in fashion is because sometimes it can change a person’s entire perspective. The above is a risk. This romper set by Monif C. takes two trends I hate – rompers and peplums – and combines them into something I absolutely love. I think what makes it work is the choice of fabrics – the cheer sleeve and the rich jacquard print are what make it gorgeous enough for me to even consider it. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before, all by drawing on two elements I see all the time. Well done!


Tunic Hunting

The dirty secret of most fashion bloggers is that when we’re writing this stuff about ways to like how you look, we are in our pajamas, ratty sweats or just plain naked. That’s the beauty of computers. I often roll out of bed over to my computer, uncombed hair and all and begin to type before the coffee even begins its percolation. Fashion may be on my mind – but it’s certainly not on my body.

Two things have happened that change my at-home fashion game: first, I now have interns. (I pay them in food and free parking.)

That means that someone shows up at my house to witness how I look on a daily basis. That means that I actually have to think about how I appear.

The second is Car2Go service has appeared in Minneapolis. So now when friends want coffee I actually can go in the middle of the day… where people can see me, who might call the police if I forget to put my pants on.

A wrinkle to this whole situation is that last December my sweetie and I bought a house. Naturally, this led to me donating a gigantic portion of my wardrobe – we upgraded our overall living area, but it was a closet downgrade from a walk-in to one of those jobs designed by someone who expected hippies with exactly three outfits to live there. (The rest of the house is divine – the closets were its only minus, and my partner sold me by telling me how we could renovate it to my tastes. He failed to mention when.)

This has also left me rather devoid of fall/winter casuals. I realized last week I don’t even have a gigantic sweater to drape over my leggings. I remedied it with this:

Target plus size black and white tunic 2013

Available from Target up to size 4x

Even so, it’s far from ideal – someone bought the 4x right away because the largest size always sells out first (thus why we all know retailers are lying about higher end plus sizes not selling) and the size down, while loose, is not quite as free-form as I’d like for this style.

Since I still have a considerable belly – the rest of me is large but proportional – I prefer sweaters and tunics in winter. It’s how I get around without feeling awkward about myself, and ultimately it’s about how I feel, what I have to wear to avoid arrest and then it’s about how I look.

As you know, I’m super happy with the Faded Glory jeggings I bought at Wal-Mart. I’m surprised – in previous years Old Navy has usually won out in the jeans department, but at this point nobody knows what the hell they’re thinking with their plus sizes over there. So I have a great casual base to work from.

Even so, my trusty Fashion Bug leggings are getting pretty worn and it’s not like Fashion Bug is there to go back to – so I need to shop around for a comfort refresh.

The leggings game, however, has changed. The more complex the legging print the more likely it will cost the same as a pair of pants. In those situations, I cannot use leggings in the casual manner to which I am accustomed.

A quick tour around OneStopPlus has turned up a few possibilities in both the leggings and the tunic department. The good folks there were kind enough to even provide me

Torrid plus size black stud leggings 2013Torrid plus size black and white leggings 2013Torrid plus size black skull print leggings 2013

Also, while I’m not known for my overwhelming love of capris leggings, the tunic on top looks very cool – I definitely want to try it out sometime:

Roamans plus size white black sheer sleeve tunic 2013


Di’s Beauty WANT list

Everyone wants something. Lately, for me, it’s been all about the makeup. Despite years of a very light touch lately I just want color, color, color – and lotion, too.

My feet are always in pretty rough shape – this seems like a great solution, especially when I overheat beneath the covers. Ventilation without the mess from the Bag Balm that I use!

pedicure socks

 This plays directly into the phase I’m going through where I try out all the stuff I feared doing in my teens and twenties. There may be some red jeans I start wearing soon, too.

multi-color lipstick set


clinique eye shadow stick

 Mostly I just want ALL THE COLORS.


Clinique lip crayon


Cover Girl Eye crayon

Eye crayons. I’ve actually sort of fulfilled this want – I own two from Cover Girl and several from ELF.

Ulta hair touch up powder 2013

While I have no intention of covering up my silver hairs right now, I do love the simple efficiency of this idea. Rather than go through an entire scenario of dying and highlighting, just paint this on at the roots and keep your hair color secret. Of course, I wish they did something a little more adventurous – offer it in extreme colors, greens, blues, oranges – but maybe that’s what hair chalk and eye shadow is for.

It's not about trying to look thin