About Content

Content is focused primarily on plus size clothing, culture contributors, and cultural criticism.

If you want to approach Fat Chic about something related to these things, consider the following guidelines:

Fat Chic is likely to say yes to:

  • Testing clothing and product samples in exchange for honest reviews.
  • Most items sent to the blog will get a writeup, with pictures of me or a relevant plus sized person in the clothing.
  • Adding your shop to FC Directory and to Fat Chic clothing search.
  • Any media related to body issues, plus size living and health.

Fat Chic is likely to say no to:

  • Wholesale reprints of press releases/thinly veiled advertising for your shop.
  • Press releases for other blog posts.
  • Dating/fetish sites.
  • Clothing lines that only go up to 14, as these do not even remotely qualify as plus sized.


Fat Chic has decided as of 2013 to drop on-site advertising in favor of affiliate links. The placed Google ads will remain. Banner ad placement in the semi-monthly newsletter is available at the cost of $120 per newsletter.


All content by Fat Chic copyright Diana Rajchel or to the article poster unless otherwise noted. Guest posters retain all copyrights to their posts, and may request a takedown at any time (send me a link, it helps me do it faster.) Comments, critiques, and writeups of plus fashion and culture are unsolicited unless explicitly stated in the post. Those that are solicited are clearly labeled and the post begins with the FTC disclosure.

Layouts, plugins, cool programming features and dancing monkeys are open source goodies provided by various contributors to WordPress; all licensing agreements are according to their terms, and any code that has been tweaked has only been tweaked to prevent a total blog crash.

Photos and images are linked back to the source or originating store. Images chosen either have a commercial interest/benefit within the link (links back to the product or store with or without an affiliate relationship) are some form of Creative Commons, or are provided by interviewees and marketing teams. Please contact me through the contact page if you would like something removed – this will be done, no questions asked.

Fat Chic is pending trademark. The images and brand may not be used without my express permission. However, if you contact me and let me know the details, I’m usually glad to sign a permission slip.

Privacy Policy
Your email is hidden from other viewers; this information is not used or shared unless I am asked to do so by the person who gave me their information in the first place.

Comment Policy
Be excellent to each other.

Trolling is not commenting. Fat Chic is also a one-woman democracy: it’s all Di’s decision. Any irrelevant commentary is spam. Also, semi-relevant commentary that is merely a formality to dropping your biz link is also spam. Carrying on about those immoral fat people will get you banned – besides, you have the entire whole of western culture to run around being that kind of jerk and getting praised for it, so you don’t need to do it here.

Snark Policy

Snark is a form of social violence, and Fat Chic endorses HIGH selectivity about violence as best for use in self-defense only. We won’t welcome outfit snarking, but general jerk-like behavior is fair game, especially with fashion designers that express contempt for fat people. These policies may change at any time; if it’s been awhile, please review this page.