Job Interview Outfits: Intro

So it’s time to hit the pavement, and along with brushing up your resume you’ve got to brush up your outfits too. Amidst all the chaos there are a couple things going for you:

1. It’s January – that means clearance sales.

2. Style hasn’t changed much in the past year or two. You can dry clean, brush up and make do if you absolutely have to – it’s just a matter of some simple repairs and having a good sense of the classic.

Remember, before going on this grand clothes hunting adventure – have on good shoes and give yourself a manicure. Get in some exercise before your interview so you’re relaxed. And pump yourself up – you need to be confident!

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Job Interview Series: the Arts Job

I’m wishing you all who find yourselves on the job market the absolute best in finding success and that ever-necessary paycheck. Not so long ago I was winding through the whole job cycle. Interview clothing was always one of my biggest stresses in the whole experience. While different areas of the country will have different standards for their respective markets, what I present here are broad strokes to inspire you for yourself. Remember, you can always find plenty of choices for interview clothing in Fat Chic Clothing Search.

No two arts organizations are alike, and yes, there are some relatively conservative arts positions – especially if you’re interviewing for an admin spot that deals with donors, or that is for a symphony. The point is to look creative and classy – so don’t try the bright prints or the pink hair unless the person you’re interviewing with has that look. The idea is to be visually interesting and yet look like someone who will represent the organization really well.

The fun of arts jobs are that you can typically wear bright colors at interviews – and still be taken seriously. All the same, cover up appropriately and dress for good lines. This is also not the time for stillettoes. Wear heels with a little height, but not the type that make everyone turn and wonder how you stay upright for entire city blocks.

It’s good to wear one piece that attracts visual attention, and to allow the rest of your clothing to be basic – for instance, the sweater above would be great over black or grey pants and a modest heel.

This jacket would not work at any other type of job interview. If you choose it, again, keep all other elements of the outfit simple, especially jewelery.

The standard wrap dress is a fantastic base choice for arts interviews – you can easily recoordinate the accessories with jackets, a brooch, a necklace, and so on – it’s especially useful for when you may have multiple job interviews during the day and you don’t have time to go home and change.

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Job Interview Series: the Retail Interview

In retail jobs, expect to be on your feet and dress like you know that. It’s about the right sensible shoes and absolutely never, under any circumstances, should you wear jeans for a job interview – even if you see the employees wearing jeans.

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It’s easy to go simple with a pants that are tailored as much as possible, and a basic blouse. plus size white blouse 2009plus size green faux wrap blouse 2009

For those of you that run into blouse gap, I recommend that you keep some double-sided tape stashed in your bag or glove compartment – it will help to keep yourself well-presented, especially since most retail shops see their employees as extensions of their brands.

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Job Interview Series: the Admin Job

Admin is mainly for a sit-down job, but you need to make sure you stand out – but only through your personality and demeanor. Clothing needs to be professional (read: plain), tailored well but not too well, and your shoes and manicure will matter.

Whether or not you need a jacket depends on the level of admin you’re looking for, but it is good to dress conservatively – ideally with a longer skirt and a blouse, usually with at least a sweater layered over it.

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Job Interview Series: Management Positions

There’s only one answer for management position interviews: suits. If possible, have them tailored – the better the fit, the more your interview panel will focus on how you fit.

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The advice I’ve heard – and it is totally unsubstantiated – is that the higher the management level, the more intense the color contrast should be.

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Interview Series: the Shoes

One of the big stumpers for me when assembling an interview outfit is the shoes. This has become so much of an issue that I often plan my wardrobes from the shoes upwards. It is one of the more dubious aspects of being a female in the workplace: all too often, your shoes and nails speak for you in an interview scenario, and having the exact right ones for the right outfit is an absolute requirement.

A classic low-heel pump is a good place to start for a good interview shoe.

Do not give in to any urge to wear a peep-toe. Those are date shoes – and not good in a professional situation. Go with something well-built – a quality shoe is one you can wear to work after you’re hired.

Boots and booties are still reasonable to wear for office fashions as well; less so on the coasts (so I hear) and moreso in the midwest.

There are some great choices out there – so you can put your best foot forward.

Interview Series: Accessories

Understated accessories are the only safe bet in a job interview – you can wear your flair after you’ve been at your job awhile and people know what to expect from you.

A simple way to dress up a look is the pearl (or faux pearl) necklace:

Simple post earrings are far preferable to danglies – keep things close to the body and not to overt when you make your first impression.

In one of those random articles on the subject, I also read somewhere that the first thing an interviewer notices about you is your watch. So make sure you have it on – and that you’re on time!

Your handbag is also key to the entire impression – you don’t want your flashy bag with the skull printed on it for this. Choose a bag where you can keep a folder with your resumes in it, where the resumes won’t get bent. You might even need to get a special resume folder that zips (you can buy them at Office Max or Staples.)

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