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Holiday Baggage

The holidays almost always include some sort of travel. It’s almost as much part of the wardrobe de jour as the holiday party dress and the ugly Christmas sweater. While most of you are probably set with a suitcase, the overnight travel bag or that large-enough-for-emergency-everything bag – and the polite, small clutch for clutch for life occasions – are often also needed. Make it distinct to avoid aunt Ethel accidentally making off with it and then gambling away your holiday Sephora stash at the next pinochle tournament in her retirement home. Well, if it’s distinct you’ll know Aunt Ethel’s kleptomania is not an accident.


The Travel Bag

My not-so-dirty secret? When I need travel stuff now, I just go to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, whichever is closest to where I happen to be at the time. I can reliably find decent quality luggage for way less than the college tuition prices it usually starts off at. If, however, your time or transit restrictions require you to shop for this online, your best bet is Overstock.com – which is essentially an online version of the aforementioned stores.

Nicole Lee Cheri Dolly Rolling Laptop bag 2013

Nicole Lee Cheri ‘Dolly’ Carry On Rolling Laptop Tote

The Clutch

I am still on a search for a satisfying clutch. Things obtained from Etsy are starting to fall apart. Something like this seems classic and appealing:

Tablots plus size black clutch 2013

The Sassy Tote

This bag from Lane Bryant made me smile:

Lane Bryant plus size face travel tote 2013

Obviously, choices are limited here. But you can always check Fat Chic Clothing Search. for travel totes.


Accessories to Add

Looking for some odd ways to accent the wardrobe? Look for these accessories or plain old puff pieces.

You can also always look for accessories on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Cocktail Rings

JC Penney cocktail ring 2013

Etsy Cocktail ring by Radgiftsand Jewelry 2013


locket audrey hepburn etsy

Remember those romantic lockets in old movies? You can get one yourself these days. From expensive jewelers to Michael’s Crafts, they’re everywhere. There’s also no law dictating only a boyfriend or child’s picture has to go in there. Alexander Skarsgard, anyone?


PinupGirl plus size blue cat print dress 2013From PinupGirl fashions

Cat prints are everywhere. While I can’t advise building a wardrobe around this plan (although at least one person I know is already there) it might be fun to add a goofy sweatshirt or a dress with a cat print!

5 end of summer wardrobe pick-me-ups

It’s getting toward the end of summer – and likely, you’re socking back cash for fall (or even winter.) You don’t have to dig too deep to still get the most out of your summer duds. In some cases, all you need is a little duct tape!

1. White

White Night Peplum Dress

There’s so much fabulous white out there. It may require Scotch guard to wear safely, but once you get past that hurdle, it’s fun!

Show off those curves in this elegant, figure-enhancing peplum dress, spun in structure…

2. Plaid Shoes
If you don’t want to buy fancy plaid shoes, find an old pair and use plaid duct tape!

3. Ballerina flats
If you still love yours from previous seasons, keep yours. If you feel a bit bored by them, experiment with some shoe art on them.

4. Short Stack Heels

short stack heel sandal 2013

5. Scarves
Preferably on your head in the summer, though around your neck in the fall and winter works beautifully. Rosie the Riveter scarves look awesome – you can watch this tutorial if you want to give it a try.