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10 Plus Size friendly Fall Add-Ons

So fall rolls around and you’re just not up for a wardrobe upgrade. Join the club. Rather than break the bank/lose your mind, here are ten pieces you can add in to what you’ve already got just to give you a small “whee, new stuff!” high without going overboard.

1. Pullovers

Target plus size ombre pink pullover 2013

Find your own plus size pullover on Fat Chic Clothing Search..

2. Brocade

a la Medieval courts. Or eShakti. (Offers sizes up to 36US)
eShakti plus size brocade skirt

3. Metallics

Lord and Taylor plus size silver metallic top 2013

4. Feather bags

ASOS feather clutch 2013

You can always go DIY:

5. Brogues

Zappos plus size Doc Martens black and white brogues 2013

6. Cargo fitted Jackets

Urban Cargo Jacket Lord & Taylor 2013

7. Lace Trim

Alight Plus Size White Lace Trim Top 2013

8. Tiered Dresses

Ashley Stewart plus size Striped Double Tiered Hi lo Dress 2013

9. Distressed Jeans

Lane Bryant plus size distressed jeans 2013

(you can DIY distress- or just wear normal jeans until they are genuinely distressed)

10. Color block

ASOS plus size color block dress 2013