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The 4 Trends of November (no slide shows, promise!)

There appears to be one – and only one – coming trend for November: stay warm. Useless if you live near the equator but pretty relevant for those of us who live a bit closer to the polls. Oh, and keep an angle on the bling.


Color Block Cardigan



 Belk plus size blue and black color block cardigan 2013

Available from Belk up to size 3x.

Cardigans are ubiquitous – for an item to be trendy it has to momentarily disappear from our visual vocabulary and then re-emerge. Example: cable coat sweaters. Long sweaters were not a thing until the 21st century – and now they disappear and reappear seemingly at random. Now other trends, like color blocking, are transferring on to sweaters. If color blocking starts happening to socks and underwear, we’ll know that the designers are finally bored with it and that it’s on its way out.


Safari Jacket


Travelsmith plus size tan safari jacket 2013available from TravelSmith up to size 3x.

I still have my own such jacket from Fashion Bug back when Fashion bug existed. I love it, but I’d still like to trade it in for a proper photographer’s jacket. I don’t care if it does look weird over my pretty dresses. The idea of never having to lug a purse around really appeals to me.


Geometric accessories

Avenue.com plus size stretch ring 2013

Available from Avenue.com.

I’ve always been a bit nonplussed by rings but I’m coming around to them. It used to be that rings never fit my fingers – plus size clothing didn’t bother me, but jewelry for my fingers and wrists? Even at lower sizes my hands and wrists were always too big and it made me really sad. My two workarounds? Men’s jewelry – and stretch rings. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a beaded ring I found on Etsy.



Modayes plus size black cardigan 2013

Available from Modayes up to size 50 EU.

This is a very toned-down version of the cloak that’s being promoted. Unfortunately, there’s just not a lot available in plus-size cloaks yet. While I can pull my own out of my closet, it’s a hooded cloak and would just creep most people out. Also, I tend to trip on the hem. I really need to fix that.