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Fat Chic Etsy Roundup: a Treasury of Plus

‘Fat Chic Plus Size Favorites’ by magickalrealism

Some of my favorite plus size designs on Etsy; for featuring on my blog, Fat Chic.

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Long sleeve tunic/ Cotton tu…


Dark Green/Black Color Block…


Fashion Grey Green Long Shir…


Steampunk Military Dress Bla…


JIBRI Printed High Waist Ple…


Wool coat wool Jacket Parkas…


Black Red Skull Cotton Sweat…


The Socialite Tee Shirt & Ta…


Plus Size – CURVY ELLE Lips …




Women’s and Kids Ruffled…


NENA Asymmetrical plus size …


Apricot sweater dress knitwe…


Womens clothing. Winter dres…


Maxi Dress Women Plus Sizes …


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Holiday Baggage

The holidays almost always include some sort of travel. It’s almost as much part of the wardrobe de jour as the holiday party dress and the ugly Christmas sweater. While most of you are probably set with a suitcase, the overnight travel bag or that large-enough-for-emergency-everything bag – and the polite, small clutch for clutch for life occasions – are often also needed. Make it distinct to avoid aunt Ethel accidentally making off with it and then gambling away your holiday Sephora stash at the next pinochle tournament in her retirement home. Well, if it’s distinct you’ll know Aunt Ethel’s kleptomania is not an accident.


The Travel Bag

My not-so-dirty secret? When I need travel stuff now, I just go to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, whichever is closest to where I happen to be at the time. I can reliably find decent quality luggage for way less than the college tuition prices it usually starts off at. If, however, your time or transit restrictions require you to shop for this online, your best bet is Overstock.com – which is essentially an online version of the aforementioned stores.

Nicole Lee Cheri Dolly Rolling Laptop bag 2013

Nicole Lee Cheri ‘Dolly’ Carry On Rolling Laptop Tote

The Clutch

I am still on a search for a satisfying clutch. Things obtained from Etsy are starting to fall apart. Something like this seems classic and appealing:

Tablots plus size black clutch 2013

The Sassy Tote

This bag from Lane Bryant made me smile:

Lane Bryant plus size face travel tote 2013

Obviously, choices are limited here. But you can always check Fat Chic Clothing Search. for travel totes.


Accessories to Add

Looking for some odd ways to accent the wardrobe? Look for these accessories or plain old puff pieces.

You can also always look for accessories on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Cocktail Rings

JC Penney cocktail ring 2013

Etsy Cocktail ring by Radgiftsand Jewelry 2013


locket audrey hepburn etsy

Remember those romantic lockets in old movies? You can get one yourself these days. From expensive jewelers to Michael’s Crafts, they’re everywhere. There’s also no law dictating only a boyfriend or child’s picture has to go in there. Alexander Skarsgard, anyone?


PinupGirl plus size blue cat print dress 2013From PinupGirl fashions

Cat prints are everywhere. While I can’t advise building a wardrobe around this plan (although at least one person I know is already there) it might be fun to add a goofy sweatshirt or a dress with a cat print!

Look and Sea: the Sailor Look


Usually the nautical look is one of those summer classics, for that 1 –3 % of the population that actually has a boat or sails for recreation and not as part of a commercial fishing career. However, the military trend seems to be bringing the nautical trend around for winter wear as well, and so I’m seeing a lot more ocean-inspired looks that have to do with the boats and not the islands.



Find your own plus size nautical looks at Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Pleating and pleasing


In my experience, pleats work great on skirts for plus sizes, but less so on pants. An intrepid designer could prove me wrong on this someday. I have a vague memory of sewing pleats as a teenager – I wound up unable to do it myself, so I have much respect for the tired fingers of the seamstresses that do do this. Besides, pleated skirts also have that satisfying swing quality that makes you want to spin around in them. (Please wear shorts beneath if you opt to do this outside of your own home. Locals can get strange about your underthings or lack thereof if you were not in an explicit agreement to share.)


Find your own plus size pleated skirts on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Plus-Size Shirt Dresses and Coat Dresses

plus size coat dress 2011

I surprised myself with how relieved I felt to see the good old coat/shirtdress still around. I’ve noticed a shift, however: coat dresses now often refer to actual, dress-length coats, while shirt-dresses refer to dresses or arguably especially long shirts. While often I call “branding” on such distinctions, this actually makes a certain kind of sense. One is definitively outerwear while the other is simply “wear.”

I love a good shirtdress; I like to pretend I’m Lois Lane when I’m wearing mine.

Shirt Dresses

plus size coat dress 2011plus size coat dress 2011plus size coat dress 2011plus size coat dress 2011


Coat Dresses

plus size coat dress 2011plus size coat dress 2011

You can find your own plus-size shirt (or coat) dress on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Plus Size Slip Dresses

Slipdress by Bayou Salvage on Etsy

I love a classic look, especially if I can use it as a base to make the look funky. Where some might wear a nice jacket over a slip dress, I’ll instead pin a shwal around my waist or wear legwarmers. If I must commit to decorm, however, heels are always acceptable – although I’d love to make a slip dress work with my Oxford booties.

You can find slip dresses – or any other style of dress, really – on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

What do you do with your hair?

handmade velvet turban
handmade feather clip

I’ve often come out in favor of hats, and not just because I generally wash my hair and hope it behaves even at its current length. I also am developing an appreciation for hair ornaments – sparkly headbands, turbans, artfully tied scarves – and I wanted to point out some of the more interesting such discoveries on Etsy. How are you wearing your hair lately?

handmade headband with flower detail

You can find more hair accessories on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Etsy Plus-Size Find: CocoandJuan

Betty Negrete of Coco and Juan on Etsy used to play with the big boys of apparel making: a former wholesale plus-size apparel maker and buyer, she was forced out of her original market niche by competition from China, she’s now reclaiming her place in the apparel market on the indie circuit. A designer of flowing garments and comfort looks, she uses color, asymmetric cuts and glorious-to-touch fabrics. Disclosure: she did send me a piece to review, free of charge. It’s a fun flowy piece, great for the witchy-look part of my life, and I’m hoping to find some new ways to wear it involving belts, ties, maybe even a chain somewhere.

What is the story behind your shop name?
I was a buyer for a chain of stores (Laise Adzer, bohemian clothes, made in Morocco), along with buying for the stores, I , with our accessory designer, Ron Browning, over saw the in house design and manufacturing of small groups of clothing. Our sewers, who where all Spanish speaking women, would call Ron, Juan, and the owner of the company would always say to me, “Who do you think you are, Coco Channel?” So when Ron and I started our manufacturing company it was just natural to call it “Coco & Juan”. When we closed our wholesale business 3 years ago, I decided to keep the name, it had some brand recognition, and I had 7000 plus woven Coco & Juan labels, that I wasn’t about to throw away!!

How does Etsy compare to your wholesale past?
love love selling direct to the customer!! Yes, it was great to get a big wholesale order from Nordstrom’s, but the headache of producing the goods, shipping them and then waiting to get paid was so stressful. Selling to the online customer is such a positive experience, it’s more personal, you get great feedback and 99.99% of the customers are just a joy to work with. I love it when customers give me input, I get requests for special colors, maybe change the length of a sleeve or a different neckline, I take all of this to heart. So when I’m out shopping for fabric, I look for colors and fabrics that have been requested and incorporate the design suggestion into the styles.

Who do you consider your target market?
My target customer is a women with lots of self confidence, who doesn’t follow trends, but creates her own look. She is artsy, with a good sense of style. My design have alot of drape and angles to them, so they are great pieces to accessories with. I don’t thing there is any specific age group, that wears Coco & Juan, it’s more of an attitude and how you put the pieces together. I’ve sold the same style to 2 different women, one tells me she wears the top, belted, with skinny jeans and gladiator sandals, the other pairs it with a long skirt, flat boots and lots of chunky jewelry. But what I hear time and time again, is how comfortable and flattering on my clothes are to wear.

What are your feelings on models, plus size models, and the impact of the actual models used on clothing sales?
I have been in the garment industry for over 25 years and I still can’t grasp the concept of showing clothing on only thin models. Who can tell what the clothes look like on a real body, when they are showing a plus size on a size 8. I even notice in ads/catalogues where the size 8 model is wearing a plus size sample and you can tell that it’s been pinned and pinched, why don’t they get a plus size model in the first place. I’ve always used a plus size model, be it for fittings or advertising In my Elsy shop, all my photo’s are on either my size 18 dress form or my friend/customer Irene, when she is in a picture I always get so many positive comments on how nice it is to see the clothing on a plus size body.

If you could choose any celebrity to wear your clothing, who would it be and why?
Oprah Winfrey. She seems to have great style and has to deal publicly with her weight issues, which I admire, plus any thing she touches turns to gold!! So I would love to have her wear my clothing. Also, Paula Deen, I like her style and she is about food and I like food!! The few times I’ve seen her she looks like she is wearing Eskander or Shiran Guild, which I really admire, and is similar to my designs. She is going to be the marshal at the Rose Bowl parade this year so, maybe I’ll send her a top!

The top she sent me is bright turquoise, and some rebellious part of me really wants to wear it with magenta leggings or a slit-thigh skirt and really long socks. :)

To aspiring plus size retailers: Etsy is not Ebay

Just a quick note as I saw this come up several times today in different areas:
Etsy is NOT – I repeat NOT Ebay, comments of frustrated sellers aside.

Etsy is a marketplace for HANDMADE and VINTAGE goods.

If you want to sell your plus size apparel on Etsy, you need to actually MAKE IT YOURSELF, or you need to supply clothing you can PROVE is twenty years of age or older. So if you have a wholesale agreement with an offshore source and/or employees, your shop belongs on Ebay (or its own site.) If you find yourself chained to your own sewing machine cackling maniacally, your place is Etsy (or your own site.)

There are LOTS of good plus size sellers, and a few sellers who think they’re plus or who just want the hits and use the tag wrong or who think plus size is a US 10. We already know the fashion industry is fraught with issues, stigmas and cognitive dissonance. Right now that’s what makes it fashion, but that disease will ease. For now, though, you can find a some plus size Etsy shops by clicking  here.

You can also watch this blog, as I love to interview Etsy sellers with good plus size stuff. If you want to take a peek, I also run my own Etsy shop – no clothing, as I need to take some sewing classes first.