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This Season’s Favorites

Avenue plus size red lavender black stripe watercolor faux wrap dress 2013

 Available from Avenue.com up to size 30/32

Why do I love this? It’s one of those prints that helps the curves along – it might require a little bit of tailoring once you get it home, but once that’s done – hello, can you say perfect Valentine’s dress?

Black and tan plus size skater dress I Heart Posh Shoppe 2013

I Heart Posh Shoppe available up to size 3x

It’s cute, it’s classic, it’s transitionable! I can see this working with tights – or bare legs and sandals. Also, the neutral colors make it easier to control the seasonality. Just add bling.


Ulla Popken plus size lace bib shirt 2013

Available from Ulla Popken up to size 34.

I’m a sucker for lace-like patterns. I’m also really into tunics for winter this year – it’s just..I dunno, easier.

Ashley Stewart plus size black lace sleeve shirt 2013

available from Ashley Stewart up to size 26

Lace-look sleeves are a favorite of mine – they hint at the sexy but there’s no possibility whatsoever of a wardrobe malfunction.

Ashley Stewart plus size baroque brocade dress 2013

Available from Ashley Stewart up to size 24

Last year plus sizes mostly got locked out of the baroque trend – but at long last, it’s found it’s way to plus size in some fun textured prints like the one on this dress!

Igigi plus size green black lace overlay peplum cut dress 2013

 Available from Igigi up to size 30/32

How gorgeous is this dress? It’s peplum color blocking used as a way to block and define shape – and it’s done brilliantly!

 eShakti plus size grey ballet style dress 2013

Available from eShakti up to pretty much any size you happen to be.

Yes, this is a Nutcracker friendly dress. It’s also simple, sweet, friendly and easy to wear with flats, heels… or in my case, probably combat boots. It’s a thing. Roll with it.

While it’s unlikely all these things will make their way under the tree for me, I may just Santa myself on one or two!

Still looking for your plus size holiday goodies – look for it on Fat Chic Clothing Search.!


Even More to Love

Maurices plus size black denim skirt 2013

available from Maurices up to size 3x

Deb Shops plus size black lace sleeve top 2013

available from Deb Shops up to size 3x.

Target plus size white contrast sleeve blouse 2013

Available from Target up to size 4x.

Torrid plus size black bare shoulder sweater 2013

available from Torrid up to size 5x

Torrid plus size grey poison print sweater 2013

From Torrid, up to 5x.

Now this is a graphic I would wear!

Torrid plus size black and white contrast shoes 2013


Igigi plus size print dress 2013

available from Igigi up to size 30/32

City Chic plus size blue tunic 2013available from City Chic up to size 24

Modcloth plus size green button front skirt 2013

available from Modcloth up to 4x.

Ralph Lauren Women plus size geometric dress 2013

This is a Ralph Lauren dress. Available at Bloomingdales up to size 3x.

Review: Igigi Skirt and Blouse

Materials for this post were provided free of charge by the producing company.

The good folks at Igigi requested I review some pieces from their 2013 line. Since I love Igigi – it definitely fits me when I’m in the mood for a classic look – I jumped at the opportunity. I selected the Belmont Skirt – the brocade pattern had me drooling. Ozlem also included the Tavi top to go with it, since it’s pictured like this on their site:

tavi-burgundy-frontOn me, it looks like this:

fatchic4Actually, from a few other angles – it’s a roomy skirt and I tend to move around a lot in it:

It’s also very, very warm. I love how warm the skirt is. My partner, Mike, is a big fan of the blouse. We were both thrown a little at first by the blouse – it has ruffling that you tuck on the inside. The shirt above is a little bit big for me – I’ve gained some muscle on top from weight lifting in water aerobics and Pilates – it has thinned my arms and reshaped my chest. (This does not happen to every person who does this exercise combination, it just happened to happen to me.) Looking at the photos now, I might do better to wear it with heels. I was having severe back pain and snow was in the forecast so I chose to go with the boots.

I love this and I plan to wear the skirt lots this winter – once I get my chiropractice issues straightened out I have the perfect Oxford booties to go with it and I can’t wait to see how it looks with this top from Igigi that I reviewed last year:


Igigi plus size blue houndstooth wrap sweater 2012 (5)




For winter style, I absolutely love it. It looks nice enough for theater but is comfortable enough to get up and dance – and I always need to wear clothing that lets me dance!


Three Gorgeous Reasons to take another look at Igigi

Seriously, still adore Igigi. Today they released an obligatory press release and some of their mid-Fall line. I’m in love with ALL of it, as usual. The following are just a few favorites: a sweater, a coat and a skirt. I am thinking chill thoughts, oh my!

2013 Igigi plus size purple and black sweater dress Igigi

2013 Igigi plus size dark blue overcoat

2013 Igigi plus size black brocade skirt


“This collection offers easy-to-wear designs that embody rich design details and impeccable fit. All the pieces gather to accommodate the needs and desires of the IGIGI woman on the go, feeling amazing and turning heads along the way.” – -IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Design Team.



Your Plus Size Fashion Broadsheet: Fall Roundup 11

You can always find your own fall plus size fashion goodies on Fat Chic Clothing Search..


Sahalie plus size blue floral print fall dress 2013available up to size 3x

Sahalie plus size brown skort 2013available up to size 24

Sahalie plus size dark blue straight leg jean 2013available up to size 24 (the jeans)


Igigi plus size black and green ombre dress 2013available up to size 30/32 US

Igigi plus size dark blue dress with border print 2013available only in size 30/32

Igigi plus size black top green striped skirt dress 2013available up to size 32 US

Monif C.

Monif C. plus size dark blue colorblock bodycon dress 2013available up 22/24 US

Monif C. plus size tan tie-waist shirt dress 2013available up to size 22/24

Monif C. plus size striped colorblock dress 2013available up to size 22/24 (US)

Michael Kors

Michael Kors black and white cold shoulder top 2013available up to size 3x

Michael Kors blue and black striped long sleeve crewneck tee 2013available up to size 3x

Michael Kors plus size paisley print skinny jeans 2013available up to a size 20

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory plus size belted sheath dress 2013available up to size 24 (US)

Burlington Coat Factory plus size black and white color block skirt suit 2013available in size 22

Burlington Coat Factory plus size black lace shoulder pleated dress 2013available up to size 24