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Holiday Baggage

The holidays almost always include some sort of travel. It’s almost as much part of the wardrobe de jour as the holiday party dress and the ugly Christmas sweater. While most of you are probably set with a suitcase, the overnight travel bag or that large-enough-for-emergency-everything bag – and the polite, small clutch for clutch for life occasions – are often also needed. Make it distinct to avoid aunt Ethel accidentally making off with it and then gambling away your holiday Sephora stash at the next pinochle tournament in her retirement home. Well, if it’s distinct you’ll know Aunt Ethel’s kleptomania is not an accident.


The Travel Bag

My not-so-dirty secret? When I need travel stuff now, I just go to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, whichever is closest to where I happen to be at the time. I can reliably find decent quality luggage for way less than the college tuition prices it usually starts off at. If, however, your time or transit restrictions require you to shop for this online, your best bet is Overstock.com – which is essentially an online version of the aforementioned stores.

Nicole Lee Cheri Dolly Rolling Laptop bag 2013

Nicole Lee Cheri ‘Dolly’ Carry On Rolling Laptop Tote

The Clutch

I am still on a search for a satisfying clutch. Things obtained from Etsy are starting to fall apart. Something like this seems classic and appealing:

Tablots plus size black clutch 2013

The Sassy Tote

This bag from Lane Bryant made me smile:

Lane Bryant plus size face travel tote 2013

Obviously, choices are limited here. But you can always check Fat Chic Clothing Search. for travel totes.


Fall Classics

There are plenty of other classic wardrobe pieces for fall. These are just a few favorites. Have a few of your own in mind? Use Fat Chic Clothing Search. to find them!
The Shirt Dress

Torrid plus size fall blue shirt dress 2013

Available from Torrid up to size 5x

JC Penney plus size orange shirt dress belted 2013

Available from JC Penney up to size 24

Michael Kors plus size belted shirt dress 2013

Michael Kors maxi shirt dress from Saks available up to size US 24

The Pullover

JC Penney plus size striped dark blue pullover 2013

available from JC Penney up to 3x

Nordstrom plus size grey pullover 2013

available at Nordstrom in up to size 3x

Target plus size grey cowl neck sweater 2013

available from Target up to size 4x

The Blazer

Anna Scholz plus size double silk collage blazer 2013

From Anna Scholz available up to a size 22 (UK)

Evans plus size black and white striped blazer 2013

 From Evans, available up to size 28 (US)


The Leather Moto/Bomber Jacket

Anna Scholz plus size black quilted bomber jacket 2013

From Anna Scholz available up to a size 28 (UK)

Michael Kors plus size dark blue motorcycle jacket 2013

From Michael Kors, available up to size 3x


The Trouser

Lane Bryant dark blue plus size trousers 2013

From Lane Bryant, available up to size 26 US


10 Plus Size friendly Fall Add-Ons

So fall rolls around and you’re just not up for a wardrobe upgrade. Join the club. Rather than break the bank/lose your mind, here are ten pieces you can add in to what you’ve already got just to give you a small “whee, new stuff!” high without going overboard.

1. Pullovers

Target plus size ombre pink pullover 2013

Find your own plus size pullover on Fat Chic Clothing Search..

2. Brocade

a la Medieval courts. Or eShakti. (Offers sizes up to 36US)
eShakti plus size brocade skirt

3. Metallics

Lord and Taylor plus size silver metallic top 2013

4. Feather bags

ASOS feather clutch 2013

You can always go DIY:

5. Brogues

Zappos plus size Doc Martens black and white brogues 2013

6. Cargo fitted Jackets

Urban Cargo Jacket Lord & Taylor 2013

7. Lace Trim

Alight Plus Size White Lace Trim Top 2013

8. Tiered Dresses

Ashley Stewart plus size Striped Double Tiered Hi lo Dress 2013

9. Distressed Jeans

Lane Bryant plus size distressed jeans 2013

(you can DIY distress- or just wear normal jeans until they are genuinely distressed)

10. Color block

ASOS plus size color block dress 2013