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Gore – just not the movie kind

Six-gore: A gore is a shaped segment, narrow at the top and wider at the base, extending from the waistline to the hem of a skirt. Flared skirts can be made of 2 or more gores.[7] Four-. six-. and eight-gore skirts are common.

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Goodies from Hips and Curves

The nice thing about reviewing lingerie is that most lingerie providers expect you to try their goods on in private. While I’m working up the nerve to do an honest-to-god public lingerie shoot… yeah, that could be awhile. It’s not just me. It’s my partner. Once, when asking a guy to do a nude shot of me before the days this stuff could wind up on the Internet, he put down the camera. “No… MY naked Di, dammit!”

This weird possessiveness has haunted me in every relationship since. While Mike is getting more comfortable with it, I break the man’s brain on a daily basis. He’s much more fun when he’s not a gibbering wreck.

Hopefully we can work something out – Hips and Curves recently sent me two pieces to review. The first is a black tutu, the second a tummy-tuck type slip that would go really well with a certain very tight dress from I Heart Posh Shoppe.

As it is, I’m trying to work out the best approach to the tutu. I tried to fit it in with clubwear last week but nothing I had quite worked. At the moment, I don’t own a corset top, body suit, or old-school leotard. Guess this is a good excuse to get those and those pink lace up ballet shoes I’ve wanted since I was 5.

Hips and Curves lace up back corset 2013


plus size Christmas lingerie 2012 (4)


Lane Bryant plus size cheeky panties 2012

Years ago some romantic comedy with a couple of dudebros were talking about Christmas as the sexiest holiday. While for me it usually conjures visions of footie pajamas along with stacked, pointless China, a few other folks seem to agree with this whole sexy thing. Bad Santa explains some but not all of the phenomenon too me.

Lane Bryant plus size plaid demi bra 2012

Lane Bryant plus size Santa apron 2012

Hips and Curves plus size white ruffle nightie 2012

565940_Shop Hips & Curves for intimate apparel and plus size lingerie in the newest, sexiest and hottest st

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Interview with a Lingerie Designer: Lulu West

Note from Di: Lingerie designer Lulu West recently supplied some pieces for review that were of exceptional quality. Intrigued, I decided to find out more about this new company on the plus size lingerie scene.

Is Lulu West your first foray into fashion? How long have you been in business?

Yes it is our first launch in the fashion industry. We launched November 15th of 2011 and have been featured in Plus Model Magazine in December 2011.

Are you able to do international sales?

Yes. And we offer free shipping on all of our products however we are unable to cover the costs a customer may incur for returns.

Please share your design background, and tell me about why you chose to design lingerie and swimwear.

We have been in the industry for over 10 years specializing in swimwear and lingerie. Lu Lu West was created through our love of fashion right great fitting silhouettes for plus size women. We have a designer and fit background. Fit is so important to us at Lu Lu West and defines us a luxury brand. We also deliver on the best materials, color, aesthetic design as well as on emotion.



What are you bringing to plus size women that’s unique to you?

We were so tired of seeing dated designs, colors, and prints for the plus size woman. It’s unfortunate this customer is bombarded with bad designs. Even though the industry has improved over the past few years with an influx of new designers and brands catering to the plus size woman it is still dominated by bland fashion that really does not do her justice. We at Lu Lu West bring classic and timeless fashion with a great fit in high quality fabrics. Our focus is purely on the plus size woman and creating fashion that compliment her.

Your swimsuit designs fascinate me, especially the plus size bikini. Can you tell me more about the inspiration for it? Can your swimwear be used by women in sports?

Inspiration has been the 50’s pin-up girl. We were tired of seeing unflattering swimwear out there for the plus size woman. So we infused fun, sexy, playful designs with a bit of a retro look into our swimwear. The old mind set of plus size women needing to "cover up" is out and celebrating their bodies is so in! We want what our friends have but with the support we need. There are several pieces within our Lu Lu West collection that can be utilized by women in sports. The black and white polka dot one-piece featured under swimwear will provide necessary support during low impact activities such as water aerobics.

What item in stock is your personal favorite? Is there a particular item you wear yourself?

The "Oh So Marilyn Slip" is one of our favorites. It has a sexy halter and a fluted hem so you can mimic Marilyn in the iconic scene of her standing over that subway grate. For swimwear we love the "Scoop Neck Halter Top" and "skirted bikini bottom" this style gives us plenty of support and and we love having a skirt over the bikini. Also with the retro styling we can show a little of our mid-riff without feeling exposed.  What would you like Fat Chic readers especially to know about Lulu West lingerie? Our lingerie is for the plus size woman that wants to feel sexy in beautifully designed lingerie.  Design is so important in aesthetic, color, and silhouette and is carefully married with the importance and attention to fit creating the experience of feeling beautiful, comfortable, and sexy all adding to the emotional experience of Lu Lu West.

Review: Leading Lady Bras

FTC notice: bras for review were provided free of charge by Leading Lady.

Leading Lady specialize in comfort bras – ones that support without digging into you, leaving red marks or otherwise acting as medieval instruments of torture.  With bra sizes running up to 52H, they do offer the full spectrum in bust support.  I was offered two bras for review, and I chose the Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Full Figure bra in True Jade, and and the Front Closure Leisure Bra in nude.



I would like to mention at this point that while I am often “visually assessed” to be a DD bra of varying band size guess, I am in fact a solid 44C. I can only assume people mistake my arm fat for breast tissue, because I still can’t figure out the reason for this consistent error. I mention this because I know how many women of DDD, E cups and  beyond may well have different concerns than I do, and I have heard long speeches on the necessity of underwire. When it comes to bra reviews, I can only speak to my own experience. Different breasts have different needs. Mine mostly need support and minor containment.

My experience with both Leading Lady bras was good.  Both were supportive. Nothing dug into me. I also loved the Jade color on the padded wirefree bra. I’ve taken to wearing some off the shoulder looks, and that does involve some deliberate peekaboo bra strap. Some may complain that it’s not ladylike, but I consider a bra strap showing of a different geography than that of a thong.

I would like to mention that this padding in plus-size bras is not a universal need. I certainly can’t discount the needs/desires of women that have had mastectomies – as I age, the looming specter of breast cancer has moved in right next door to me as more than one person I know has survived it. At the same time, any bra over a B cup probably doesn’t need padding – the fillers already there, so a bra designer just needs to provide the casing. If cased properly, it will give the correct line to whatever’s over top of it just fine.  Yes, this can also apply to wire free bras.

Despite the slightly awkward feeling of the padding (which is easily enough removed) I liked this bra. First, it’s pretty, and second, it is pain free. For me the perfect bra is one that I forget that I’m wearing, and it came very close to being that bra.

I chose the front hook leisure bra because I haven’t been able to obtain a front hook bra since I was in high school, and admittedly I rather enjoy some of my naughtier memories of that time. While the tiny hooks did tend to come unhooked in the middle here and there, I didn’t have any “free flying” moments, and I very easily forgot I was wearing the bra, sometimes for 12-16 hours at a clip. There were also no pressure marks on my skin from wearing it, so the band size was a great fit, and no telltale pain that tells me when I’m not getting enough support.

I wholeheartedly recommend both these bras. For those with C cup and above, there are some good choices in what they offer, from sports bras to classic underwires.

Have you tried Leading Lady bras? Please share your experience!