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Don’t Miss the Plus Size News for 9/26/13


  • Retailer Wet Seal is taking a step forward in model diversity, this time by casting 17 year old Karrie Brown, a girl with Down’s syndrome.
  • Rent the Runway has at least added plus size designer clothing to its inventory.
  • Moira Solvalu, a Fijian plus size designer , gives an interview about her entrance into plus size fashion design.
  • Tanya Whidner, a Halifax plus size designer, is doing a showing of her styles and along with three plus size women will be using a drag queen as one of her models.
  • Looks like Ascena, flagship of Dress Barn and Lane Bryant, has rising stock. There’s a deeper analysis here of how they’re doing against main competitor American Eagle.
  • Brand Marina Rinaldi brought in 12 plus size bloggers from around the world for her Milan show. We may be taking up less space in the headlines – but our influence is stronger every day!
  • Cynthia Bailey, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, is modeling plus size clothing for Roaman’s.  Roaman’s has used extremely thin women to model their plus line for years – but people are finally questioning the choice with the decidedly not plus-sized Bailey.
  • The Gloss raises the question: is it OK for Rebel Wilson to make fat jokes? Wilson is hilarious, but fat jokes? Eh. Stereotyping humor is just lazy anyway.

Plus Size News Roundup 9/16/13

  • It seems like the news this week is all about plus size modeling. I’d rather hear about some actual changes in clothing offerings, but whatever, it’s news.

    Gemma Colling for PETA 2013
    Gemma Collins posing for PETA – not Peta. The cuddly animal one, not the hot one.
  • Read this interview with four plus size models.
  • Here’s an expose’ of sorts on the process of casting plus size models. Note: this is just one process with one group. It may differ elsewhere.
  • Last week’s Plus Night Out got some coverage by the New York Daily News.
  • To model Candy Shoot: there are certain men one should NEVER work for. Tom Ford is one of them. He hates women in general and really hates fat women. If he respected us as full human beings with a consciousness on par with his own, he wouldn’t sell us to ourselves as mindless animals.

  • Apparently the Daily Mail considers back fat a point of national scandal. At least if it’s on Gemma Collins. Female social violence, in action. Yup, her back fat really killed some children in Syria. < / sarcasm > At this point I’m going to start urging fat women to surround Daily Mail offices and be fat at them. See if they die of it.
  • Collins also posed naked for PETA. I hope she sends that reporter a bunch of naked back shots, with her autograph in bigl etters across the top.
  • Even with the Daily Mail geniuses at work, British equalities minister Jo Swinson is stepping up and addressing retailers for unrealistic mannequin sizes.
  • New Zealand fashion week will be sure to include plus sizes. Intriguing.

Business of Plus Size


Plus Size News Roundup 9/9/13

Kelly Osbourne 2013We’ve already covered Cabiria’s entry into the mainstream fashion world. So what else happened? What else will happen?

  • Kelly Osborne’s plus size fashion line is definitely happening!
  • Read another story about how modeling plus size clothing on actual plus size women dramatically increased sales for a store.
  • Jo Swinson, the Minister of Equalities in the UK, states that more stores should use plus size mannequins.
  • Tadashi Shoji talk to Elle magazine about designing for plus size women, among other things, like pastels from his spring 2014 line. Yet I have a complaint: you can find ALL of Shoji’s designs on his own websites EXCEPT for the plus size designs. Where are those exactly? Is it under some name I don’t recognize, a la Rachel Pally black label/white label stuff?
  • Carine Roitfield, former editor of Vogue Paris, talks about her past career at the magazine including showing plus size women in her work.
  • This story about fashion app BeauCoo helps women – especially plus size women – narrow down the places where they might get clothing that fits.
  • Read this interview with Sarah Clark, author of the book Gorgeously Full Fat.

Plus Size News Roundup 9/2/13

tim-gunnTop Plus Size stories

  • Lots of buzz going about the inclusion of Cabiria’s inclusion in New York Fashion week this week. There’s an interview with Eden Miller of Cabiria to run on Fat Chic tomorrow!
  • There’s a new must follow for the Tumblr crowd: WTF, Plus Size Manufacturers? I have nothing to do with this one. No, really – I’m sad I didn’t think of it myself!
  • I realize this is part of the same stuff I wrote about last week, but this quote from Tim Gunn really captures what I hear all the time just running this nichey of niche plus size fashion  blog: “You know, there’s a market here for expanding your work, and here it is.’ And frankly, there are two markets: The women who are larger than the 12, and then there are women who are petite. And most designers that I talk to have absolutely no interest in addressing either of those populations, which I find repugnant.”
  • In New Zealand, a paper runs a rather in-depth analysis on the very question of why so many plus-designs are just consistently awful. I would be remiss for posting something on the plus size fashion industry that comes from New Zealand without also posting about their new practice of deporting the obese. (This includes the obese that have lost weight.) When that makes no impact on their healthcare system – and it won’t – will they apologize and bring their targets back?
  • Marianne Kirby shares her tales of working for a Lane Bryant of the past.  This may vary depending on the year and who owned Lane Bryant at the time a given person worked there.
  • For the DIY crowd, here’s a great piece on how sewing has increased this plus-size woman’s confidence.
  • Kelly Price is hosting a casting call for plus size models, entertainers, designers for her upcoming show “Too Fat for Fame.
  • It seems that American waist lines thinned first at the fat rappers, a now disappearing species.

Business of Plus Size

  • Wet Seal is actually making its plus size offerings – long an online only choice – available in stores. Sizing will go up to US 24. They are listing the stores with plus sizes on their main site. You’re seriously not offering these first in the Mall of America store? Really?
  • Phillipino fashion company Sabella – that includes plus size wear – just celebrated 25 years in business.
  • Ascena’s diversification – including its acquisition of Lane Bryant and Catherine’s – raises the question of how next to proceed.


Plus Size News You May not have Read


Plus Size Health

This is a collection of health news and related links for plus-size women. Please bear in mind that many, even most of such studies are the following

    1)Funded by corporations that make a great deal of money from the diet industry. 2)Inconclusive. 3)Find correlation, yes, but not causation. A triangle may be prone to cancer, but a square also being a geometric shape does NOT mean it is also prone to cancer. 4)Exaggerated and panic-inducing. The “obesity epidemic” exists in part because people never previously considered “obese” have been re-classified under an arbitrary definition of “fat.”

For more insight and understanding into this, please read Junkfood Science from the beginning.


  • Fast food ads aimed at kids are about the toys – not the food. Hm, so in that case just buy the toy. My minions only cost $1 each.
  • Not an eating disorder per se, more of a … “what?” that seemed worth sharing: more children are swallowing magnets. Now, I used to test their strength on my braces but I never felt the need to put one wholly in my mouth. So, kids – something you want to tell us? What’s the game?
  • Still nothing conclusive about gut bacteria and its relationship to obesity.
  • …Still overlooking that obesity does not have one single cause or the same cause in each person that has it…
  • A new program for black women that were slightly obese that gave them access to a gym, self monitoring tools and counseling calls showed modest success. I still think including adult-safe playground equipment in parks would go a long way toward improving overall national fitness.

Plus Size News Roundup 8/26/13

Diesel plus size model

  • Tim Gunn is commenting on how fashion ends at size 12. It doesn’t Mr. Gunn – you just have to look past the willfully blind people.
  • This market analysis reports that in the last decade plus size stores or stores that add a plus size section are the only ones performing successfully since recent economic crashes.
  • The UK just saw its first plus size bridal show.
  • Per Carre’ Otis, that diet models quote about fish and vegetables is code for working out two hours a day 7 days a week and consuming nothing but black coffee and cigarettes.
  • This may take some “match the known US/UK/Oz company to its out-of-country branding,” work – but this week the Indian Press is looking at where the plus size stores are available. I know all about Just My Size. Just Your Size? That’s a thing?
  • High-end brand Diesel is using plus size models in its latest campaign. An interesting and insulting choice, since they don’t go over traditional straight sizing.
  • Kelly Osborne confirmed that she will release a plus size clothing line. I wonder if it’s with Torrid or with a UK retailer?
The Comfort Prima High Street Fashion Awards

Plus Size News Roundup 8/19/13

Claire Richards 2013Top Plus Size Fashion News

  • Refinery29 talks about the unsolved plus size problem – that being crazypants designers who don’t understand that their customers don’t give a shit if fat people also wear that brand of clothing. It’s just the crazypants designers that do.
  • Claire Richards of 90s British pop group Steps is releasing a plus size line via UK retailer Fashion World.
  • Felicity Hayward is part of TK Maxx’s fall street style campaign. Hayward has as company in this campaign the 85 year old Daphne Selfe, aka the world’s oldest supermodel.
  • The Kristin Bell cover about her post-baby body attitude? Still very diet focused and something of a letdown. (I’m getting Redbook against my will right now.) Still <3 Kristin, though. Veronica Mars 4-EVA!
  • While dangerous to ever risk drawing his attention, I do feel it necessary to post this transcript from Rush Limbaugh on his attempt to talk about Oprah, her weight issues and how her weight might have prompted assumptions in Sweden moreso than her race. (In any case, what happened to her sucks and I’ve had it happen to me.) This is one of those cases where I think he’s genuinely trying to understand what happened and also struggling with the “how the hell do I talk about this now?” issue. Here’s the deal I’m making with you, Mr. Limbaugh: you can call me fat so long as you fully understand that my fat is not in any way a failure of my character. While I have strong opinions of you, I do NOT believe your body is in any way an influence on how you have come to the opinions that you have.
  • I’m fairly sure someone in the fatosphere will analyze this quite well, but this “how many calories do you really need?” feature starts off a very necessary conversation: the reality that one size does not fit all when it comes to calorie intake and body type.
  • Canadian retailer Addition Elle has a plus size jeans line contracted from William Rast jeans – i.e. the denim company owned by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala.

Plus News You Might not have seen

  • Marina Balatkin, a US based plus size model, talks to the Russian press about the growing demand for plus size models.
  • Phoenix, Arizona now has a plus size consignment store and a plus size clothing boutique.
  • Model Simone Charles doesn’t just want to disappear the term “plus size model” she also wants to do away with “straight size model.” It’s a lofty goal. Not unatainable, but lofty. It may require loads of fat women running amok in the streets with power drills, threatening to physically remove the conception from people’s brains. (OK, highly unlikely. Besides, how many of us even know where to aim?)
Hilda plus size pinup girl 2013

Plus Size News Roundup 8/11/13

Hilda plus size pinup girl 2013Top Plus Size Fashion News

“”I think the industry is making such a distinction because it is so rare for any girls over a size 4 to be featured anywhere within the media,” she says. “I actually hold designers more accountable as they have the real power to change sample sizing. It aggravates me that almost every designer campaign uses an unrealistic frame.

  • Gabourey Sidibe was included in the Harper’s Bazaar “singular beauties” layout. This has some personal interest for me since I weigh about the same as Sidibe – and because the photographer takes a far different attitude with her than from the other women selected for the spread. Spoiler: I don’t like it.  Apparently editorial Plus Model Magazine feels the same way.
  • Australia’s Full Figured Fashion week has kicked off … and I can’t make that one, either.
  • Ah, I see plus size pinup girl Hilda is making the rounds.
  • This piece on Lois Alexander Lane’s influence on Harlem fashion – and its mention of ensuring that plus-size people were included in the design taught at the Institute of Harlem Fashion – is a must read.
Gabourey Sidibe for Harper's Bazaar
To the photographer that shot this: we’re going to have a talk about this.


The Business of Plus Size Fashion

  • This fashion boutique’s obvious PR-not-news did qualify for a post because they offer bras that go up to an N cup. That’s not a typo.
  • Also, speaking of PR pushes about bras that might prove useful information: Just My Size has its new comfort bra, designed to correct common bra flaws (slipped straps, pressure, etc.) out – and they announced it in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Again, it’s a PR announcement, but in terms of market approach, it’s genuinely interesting: Ulla Popken is foregoing the seasonal clothing model in favor of a perennial approach. For those who watch the catalogs closely, the Ulla Popken brand also tends to carry specific clothing pieces for much longer than the average retailer. This is probably great for the company and excellent for a loyal customer – it saves money on stock turnover and losses and gives customers more time to save up/plan to purchase certain pieces becasue there’s incentive to buy well instead of buying fast.
  • The Daily Mail sends in one of its reporters to really look at how Marisota is differentiating itself from the other retailers on the plus size market. The article has an uncomfortably advertorial tone, especially when I consider that the Daily Mail covers every obesity issue in second coming headline font.

 Plus Size Health

This is a collection of health news and related links for plus-size women. Please bear in mind that many, even most of such studies are the following

    1)Funded by corporations that make a great deal of money from the diet industry. 2)Inconclusive. 3)Find correlation, yes, but not causation. A triangle may be prone to cancer, but a square also being a geometric shape does NOT mean it is also prone to cancer. 4)Exaggerated and panic-inducing. The “obesity epidemic” exists in part because people never previously considered “obese” have been re-classified under an arbitrary definition of “fat.”

For more insight and understanding into this, please read Junkfood Science from the beginning.


  • So, urging your loved ones to diet? According to this study all that does is encourage them to do things that will shorten their lifespans.
  • There’s a gene that might have something to do with obesity in humans. It might just apply to squirrels, though.
  • Obese children are now slightly more likely to have asthma. This is a big correlation vs. causation warning. Yes, obese people may have it – but it might be one of those things where exercise induces the asthma, so inactivity, so weight gain… and losing weight would not fix the asthma. Also, a lot of normal weight people have asthma. A LOT. So don’t go jumping on the fat kid with the inhaler; s/he is already dealing with enough from your shenanigans.
  • The United States has dropped in the childhood obesity index. As long as the kids are eating fresh plants and getting some exercise, good. The obesity scare including pre-schoolers is fucked up – I’m saying it now and asking you to repeat that.
  • Obese women – the odds are the same if you attempt to conceive via IVF.

Plus Size News You Might Miss

  • Another story out of India about the increasing call for plus size clothing options. I wonder how this is affecting the village tailoring industry? (Village industry is a term for small, one person or single family businesses. Etsy is an example of cottage industry.)
1860 July Godey's Lady's Book Fashion Plate_3810472863_l

Plus Size News Roundup 8/4/13

Yeah? YOU try to make this look slimming!

Top Plus Size News Stories this week

  • Lululemon got caught out refusing to serve the plus size niche. Yes, you should serve plus sizes. But if the sheer yoga pants disaster says anything about Lululemon, it’s that the company doesn’t respect the customers they have. Better to see them go out of business and an all around more body-diversity friendly chain rise up and take their place. Perhaps explaining to the CEO of Lululemon that actually, fat people do exercise and then locking him in a YWCA for 48 hours might improve the corporate outlook.
  • Last week XOJane had an article by the blogger of Fat Aus, who explained that creepy fat fetishists were why she suddenly disappeared from the fatshion blogosophere. This for some hard to fathom reason got picked up by the UK Register, although why is unclear. There are pervs on the Internet. Some of them are harrassing pieces of trash who get quite offended when women are not their fantasies but are instead human beings with independent thoughts that aren’t solely focused on pleasing them – or even usually focused on that. This is a great essay and I’m happy to see it get new attention, but that there are misogynist twits on the Internet is not news. If every misogynist perv was suddenly banned from venturing online, our download speeds would increase by 1000% worldwide.
  • H&M has picked up its clue stick and run, at long last opening up web commerce to the United States.
  • Yet Kelly Cutrone is getting schooled for her recently expressed, out-of-date belief that “society is more focused on the thin.”
  • From Fashionista.com, about the difficulty in finding decent plus size clothing:

“There’s a [judgment placed on] plus sized from the straight sized market saying, ‘We’re not going to give you the square footage on our sales floor because we don’t want you in our store,’” says Eden Miller, who designs her own plus-size line called Cabiria

  • It’s wonderful that Robin Lawley is getting so much work, but the idea that she’s somehow exotic by being all-American looking (while being Australian) is inherently f-d up. I say this to my fellow citizens: the All-American girl does not have to be white anymore. Really, she shouldn’t be.
  • This essay on the Gloss about how losing 50 pounds did not improve the author’s body image hits home. Of course, I also lived in a house with a mother who, at my lowest weight, kept telling me I “needed to do sit-ups and lose another ten pounds.” (Let’s not pretend motherhood makes a woman a good person with good intentions.)
  • UK plus size retailer Marisota has had a “design breakthrough” where they focus on clothing designs that improve silhouette for the stomach and upper arms. That’s right, a retailer understands that we’re not all hourglass shapes! (If you haven’t looked at Marisota, do. For those of us in the US – totally worth an overseas purchase!)
  • Thank you Kristen Bell from sparing us another crazyass “and she got off the baby weight in 4 hours!” article. Also, Veronica Mars movie? I’m a Kickstarter contributor. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

Excellence from the Fatosphere

  • Dances with Fat has an excellent policy for handling hateful, trolling blog comments. I do this, too – and in fashion, it’s not just fat haters, it’s just women on women social violence that pops up a lot. (These days, usually from outside the States.) If you need further support of this concept, consider this post by Anil Dash about her own moderation policies.

Business of Plus Size

  • Modcloth is impressing Wall Street quite a bit with its fast parlay into plus size clothing – and it’s all about a really strong, fast supply chain.
  • Never thought I’d see this: Australian fashion chain Best & Less is charging the same price for plus sizes as it does straight sizes. This has always been the lie behind the “charging a premium” – the “at cost” for each mass produced garment is somewhere between $1-5 US dollars. Really fancy stuff? The base price is $12. It’s all illusory markup from there.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue is set to open up department stores in Canada. Canadians, make sure to agitate for Salon Z selections.
  • Another explanation of why more customers don’t make clothing purchases online. In plus sizes, fit is especially a crapshoot. I get that!

Plus Size Health

  • A fat cell switch in the Vitamin D receptors may determine whether the body retains fat or burns its fuel.
  • Not plus per se, but a serious concern: tattoos can hide whether you have a malignant melanoma. (Skin cancer, the really nasty kind.)
  • There’s research into fasting for extremely short periods as a way of helping the body lose weight. This is a no diet-talk blog, EVER, but I will acknowledge when research actually looks valid.
  • Not only does fat-shaming not help someone lose weight, this study – one in a long line of studies on the same thing – once again affirms that this behavior, if it produces any result, is the result of weight gain. At this point, I think our best bet is to start gaslighting the fat-shamers. “Oh, so you enjoy my body. My being fat isn’t about you but so glad you get mileage out of my fatting at you.” Seems like a good, “terrify them with insanity” approach.
  • New York Times has an article finding yet more direct links between obesity and genetics. This persistent pursuit of “one single answer” to obesity is where so much madness lies. After years of reading this stuff, what’s forming in my mind: there are multiple factors that can make a person fat. These factors are so numerous that it is insane and unreasonable to expect any person to handle every single one of them. This also means that, for those that wish to lose weight, there is no one single diet and no one single exercise approach that will ensure that a person loses weight. Even if a diet or exercise plan does work for a person, there is a probability that at some point, that method will stop working. Which means that what needs moderation is our attitudes’ about other people’s bodies, not the bodies. And ultimately, assuming a moderate, non-invasive attitude towards the bodies of others will improve their health and increase the likelihood of reaching close to a healthy body, if not a thin one. Leaving people the hell alone when they’re taking nothing from you? What a novel thought!

Plus Size News You Might not have Heard

  • Read about Jamaican radio and television personality Miss Kitty, who has the motto “Fluffy, Fabulous and Fit!”
  • Bra fitting: wildly inconsistent, and that shouldn’t be the case. I seem to recall being told I was a triple D once. I am most certainly not – my shoulder width has no relationship to my cup size. So yes, there are consistency errors going on.
Beth Ditto 2013

Plus Size News Roundup 7/29/13

Beth Ditto 2013
Beth Ditto marries her partner
  • Refinery29 gives Fashion to Figure a likely long awaited shout-out.
  • So that thing about not fat-shaming people because it doesn’t help? It’s a fact: fat shaming actually makes eating disordered behaviors worse.
  • San Francisco Gate interviews plus size model Chelsea Miller.
  • PR person Kelly Cutron insists that fashion promotes thin models to please consumers. I’m curious as to when the last time she or anyone she works with spoke with actual consumers – because there is a whole LOT of direct research essentially proving that “fashion” is dead wrong about what pleases consumers. Also, here’s the thing: as anyone who owns a fashion blog knows, fashion PR agencies don’t know a damn thing about consumers OR target marketing – thus the massive amount of drek we all get stuck wading through every.single.day.
  • The next NAAFA convention has its speaker: Jill Andrew.
  • Gemma Collins has been nominated for Best Designer at the British Plus-Size Fashion Awards. Er… really? I have to admit I haven’t been too fond of what her line has turned out although the images in the article link are pretty good – but not like what there was fanfare about last year.
  • A new body positive organization, Plus Positive, is hosting a launch party on August 10th in Atlanta, GA.
  • Congratulations to the 5 plus size bloggers chosen by Evans to promote their next Clements Ribeiro line!
  • Online lingerie stores are seeing major sales growth – because they supply to sizes over a standard 6. Victoria’s Secret isn’t posting a loss…yet.
Felicity Hayward 2013

Plus Size News Roundup 7/21/13

  • Felicity Hayward 2013
    Felicity Hayward 20163

    Plus Model magazine has its “hottest bodies in the plus size modeling world.” Being a smartass, I have to ask if those over 100 degrees were given appropriate medical attention?

  • Oddly, you can save money by shopping out of season on plus size clothing – especially if you buy it from a country where that clothing happens to be in season.
  • Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, talks about her life as a plus size clothing retailer.
  • Here’s an overview of the off-market chain Ross and its benefit to plus size customers. It is not a nationwide chain, unfortunately, but it’s worth a stop for me when I travel.
  • Trying to stimulate a debate where there’s nothing to debate because it’s all subjective, DNA India asks, “Can Big be Beautiful?” To which I must ask: You’re located in freaking India. Is it even possible for you to have a news week that slow? Also, yes. Moving on.
  • Betty Halbreich, personal shopper to the stars, has a memoir coming out titled All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go.  This is sartorial history not to be missed.
  • A lament from a High street shopper about the more ridiculous items offered by plus size stores.
  • In case you didn’t notice, the whole classifying women as “plus sized” is a massive marketing manipulation. 12 & 14 were considered a medium in the 1950s. Now some retailers and model agencies are classifying plus size as a size 8. Trust me, there’s some diet company collusion behind this bullshit.
  • Felicity Hayward is named as a champion of the body positive. Her trick? She doesn’t give her body any thought. Try it if you can. It works.

Business of Plus Size

  • Monif C. needs interns – specifically for those interested in production and customer service.
  • Jag is making inroads as a modeling agency that works with women of all sizes.